[Lumbar disc herniation and sexual function]_How to cure_Solutions

With the change in the way we work, more and more people are now sedentary without exercising.

This can cause problems with our lumbar discs.

Lumbar disc herniation can be said to be a chronic disease. After the disease, the patient’s waist will be painful.

Although middle-aged and elderly friends are prone to suffer from lumbar disc herniation, more and more young people are beginning to develop symptoms of lumbar disc herniation.

So, does lumbar disc herniation affect sexual function?

Lumbar disc herniation is mainly due to long-term compression by gravity or incorrect sitting posture, which leads to the deterioration of the fibrous ring caused by local metabolic blockage. After losing elasticity and complications, you will rupture the fibrous ring with a little force, and the nucleus pulposus will reduce the pressure on the surrounding nerve rootCauses a series of symptoms such as low back pain, sciatica pain, or numbness in the lower extremities.

Lumbar spondylosis is not as terrifying as patients think.

It is not incurable. It is mainly to adopt effective treatment methods. If the treatment method is proper, it can be cured. The treatment mainly consists of restoring the elasticity and healing of the fibrous ring, softening and decomposing the prominent nucleus pulposus, so that the treatment can be cured.
Is sexual life related to lumbar disc herniation?

Modern medical research has found that a happy couple’s sexual life complements each other’s harmony. By preventing the disease, it can reduce the incidence of breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, and uterine fibroids, as well as reduce the incidence of prostate disease in men.

However, in clinical work, patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation who are unable to have sex normally are often encountered, and even husbands and wives oppose each other, leading to marriage breakdown.

In fact, mild lumbar disc herniation has little to do with sexual function, so it will not affect the nerve center of sexual activity in the spinal cord, nor will it compress the peripheral nerves that govern sexual activity, so the patient’s sexual function can be maintained.good.

However, in moderate to severe lumbar disc herniation, the movement of the waist will be restricted, and the lifting of the legs will be restricted. Improper sexual posture, or excessive overlap, or excessive movement will not only cause back pain, but also causeLumbar disc herniation, especially in people with a history of lumbar disc herniation, will exacerbate the condition.

During sexual life, especially when taking a high position, sexual intercourse needs more extensive help with the retina’s waist movement, which is a bit difficult and will aggravate the symptoms of low back pain.

What is the reason for this?

(1) First, it occurs in some patients with central lumbar disc herniation. The prominent nucleus pulposus compresses the cauda equina, which causes numbness in the perineal area, defecation, inability to urinate, sphincter dysfunction, and even impotence in men, premature ejaculation, and pseudo-urinary retention in women., Labia, clitoral feeling dull, sexual pleasure is low, menstrual disturbance.

(2) Because the protruding conical nucleus compresses the nerve root, low back pain, dare not move. (3) The lumbosacral nerve is compressed, muscle atrophy, pelvic muscle weakness, affect pleasure.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the desire to hurt the kidney, excessive sexual life can cause kidney deficiency, the waist is the kidney, the kidney deficiency is manifested as waist and knee weakness, and severe cases are manifested as low back pain.

Sexual low back pain can be manifested in or at the waist; or only at the center of the lumbar spine, or it may cross or merge with pain in the back, legs, knees, abdomen, and flank. It can be called “lumbosacral pain” or “lumbar leg”Pain “and so on.

Modern medicine believes that the main component of semen is a small amount of protein, and sexual life has a little effect on the body.

actually not.

From the analysis of the physiological reaction process of sexual life, most organs in the body are involved in the whole process during sexual life. Although the specifics are not yet clear, the excitation and inhibition of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the waist, the accumulation and dissipation of blood, and the contraction of musclesThe effect of diastole on the lumbar tissue is very large. If this effect changes, it can cause the lumbar muscle blood circulation to slow down, the lumbar intervertebral disc volume will decrease, and there will be softness in the waist, fear of coldness, long lumbar muscle strain, and disc change.Thin, leaving hidden dangers for lumbar disc herniation.

Therefore, patients with a history of chronic low back pain or lumbar disc herniation should choose appropriate intercourse positions according to their physical conditions, avoid some waist overwork positions, and arrange the number of sexual lives appropriately.

So what should be paid attention to during the sexual life of patients with lumbar disc herniation: 1. It should not be repeated too much: Because most organs of the whole body participate in the whole process during sexual life, the excitement and suppression of lumbar nerves, the accumulation and dissipation of blood, musclesThe contraction and relaxation of the waist have a great impact on the lumbar tissue. If the sexual life is excessively overlapped, it can cause the blood circulation of the lumbar muscles to slow down, the volume of the lumbar intervertebral discs to decrease, softness of the waist, fear of cold, long lumbar muscle strain, and changes in the lumbar disc.Thin, leaving hidden dangers for lumbar disc herniation.
2. Sexual massage before and after sex: Appropriate waist massage should be done before and after sex. Quickly massage your hands on the sides of the waist up and down for 1-2 minutes, which can alleviate the symptoms of lumbago due to sexual life.

3. Choose a proper posture: Mild patients, it is best to use the lower sexual position during sexual life. If the upper sexual position is used, pay attention to the stability and harmony of sexual intercourse, not to occur too much, and not to have a strong waistRotate and bend.

Moderate or severe lumbar disc herniation. When symptoms are obvious, one stage of sexual life should be stopped. If sexual life is strongly hoped, patients should adopt lower sexual position, which can minimize the chance of sudden and strong rotation of the waist.

Patients with lumbar disc herniation should choose a proper intercourse position and posture. Female patients can adopt hip and knee flexion postures. Male patients can change their positions. Female upper and lower positions can take hip and knee flexion postures to prevent waist strain.

4. When mild symptoms appear, try conservative treatment.

You can go to distance medical institutions to use physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other conservative methods.

You can also choose a pure Chinese medicine plaster to apply the affected area and related points.

The medicinal power of the plaster can penetrate the bone under the skin directly. Through the Chinese medicine chain biochemical reaction, the soft tissue protrusions of the vertebral body (78% are water) shrink and reduce the volume until the dissolution disappears, so as to relieve the pressure on the nerve and promote the function.restore.

At the same time, it can inhibit the development of calcification and hyperplasia, loosen the adhesion of vascular ligaments, eliminate aseptic damage, promote the absorption of nutrients by soft tissues, and enhance the elasticity, and finally achieve the purpose of eliminating symptoms, relieving pain and completely recovering.

It is recommended to apply Lengxiaotaishennongxiaotong paste, which is a national intangible cultural heritage. It is made with pure Chinese medicine and has a history of more than 100 years. The effective rate for lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis has reached more than 95%.

Usually applied for one month, the symptoms can be completely relieved, and it is not easy to repeat.

* / Bao also has 5, stop sexual life when symptoms are obvious: moderate, severe lumbar disc herniation in patients with obvious symptoms, should stop sex life, such as strong desire for sex, should avoid lower sexual position, minimize the sudden rotation of the waistsong.

6. Surgery for severe symptoms as soon as possible: numbness in the perineum area, sphincter dysfunction, premature ejaculation, labia, and clitoral sensation should be treated promptly. Those who do not use plaster fixation gradually can get up and walk after 2 weeks, but resume sex life at leastAfter 3 months, if plaster is used as a fixer, the fixation time is 4 months, and the intercourse can be resumed 2-3 months after the plaster is removed.

7. Some western medicines can affect fertility: some analgesics such as phenacetin and baotaisong, etc., can inhibit sperm formation for a long time, and have certain effects on reproductive function