2016 Evergrande Snooker China Championship Ding Junhui vs Fu Jiajun
Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship (attachment: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship match list/signature) to November 1 to 5 in Guangzhou this yearThe stadium is officially open.  The game time of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship Ding Junhui vs Fu Jiajun was antique at 19:30 pm Beijing time on November 1st.Ding Junhui won the 2016 Daqing Snooker International Championship runner-up Fu Jiajun data map national championship Ding Junhui reached the finals, but underperformed to a 1-10 defeat to Selby lost the championship, but this season so far, two champions have been accounted for one runner-up,Ding Junhui’s performance is still outstanding.This Chinese Championship is considered to be the outpost of the Championship, Northern Ireland Open, British Championship and Scottish Open. Ding Junhui, who has just experienced a big score defeat, prompted the Chinese Championship to restore morale and confidence.(Source: NetEase Sports) According to the lottery, Ding Junhui was divided into 3/4 districts. Ding Junhui battled his compatriot Fu Jiajun. The string duo played 16 times. Ding Junhui had 10 wins and 6 losses. However, the last match between the two was traced back to 3.Ding Junhui won the European Tour Belgium 4-2 years ago, and Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun played three times in the home country, and Ding Junhui all won.The kick-off time for Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun is set at 19:30 on the evening of November 1. If Ding Junhui can win the Chinese derby, the opponents in the quarter-finals will be the winners of Murphy and Perry, according to which Murphy becomes Ding Junhui’sThe opponent may be relatively large. The Air Force played a total of 21 times. Ding Junhui had 8 wins, 1 draw, and 12 losses. The two had a slight disadvantage. The two last time the two battles ended in Murphy’s victory.(Source: Sina Sports) Follow Ding Junhui》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker China Championship Latest Billiards Game Live Video + Schedule Time Game Live Watch》》 2016 World Snooker China Championship Match Video Live Room 2016 Snooker China Championship Live