Qin Liang pretended to be wronged and said。
“You bullshit!”
Yanzi reached out his hand and hit Qin Liang in anger!It’s just the symbolic beating that girls act like a baby……
“Everyone see!She hit me again!And still hit me in front of you!Conceivable,When you can’t see,How did she beat me!”
Qin Liang immediately yelled exaggeratedly!
Except swallow,Everyone couldn’t help but laugh!Qin Liang wants to tease Yanzi,It’s just too simple。
“What are you laughing laughing!I see who dares to laugh again!”
The swallow said viciously!
The roar of the Hedong Lion,It really worked!Everyone dared not laugh immediately,no way,Although this lioness is a bit stubborn,But the claws are very powerful,Hunting skills are also very strong,Can’t easily mess with,Can’t afford!
“You must not bully Yanzi anymore!A bunch of big men,Embarrassing??”
Yang Shiyun can’t see it anymore,Came forward to defend the swallow。
“You see clearly;It’s our big men who bullied her?She is still bullying our big men。”
Qin Liang immediately refuted Yang Shiyun’s sentence。
“Pull you down!You are the worst,Old bully swallow!”
Yang Shiyun immediately fired at Qin Liang!
“I have a hasty!I’m wrong!It’s irrational!”