But most fans are holding back now,They are waiting for someone。
The one who set them free。
at last,That black hair appeared in front of my eyes,The fans’ eyes lit up,They are full of strength。
DJTried the wheat,Like a village cadre,Then said passionately:“In this season,The biggest gain for Los Angeles is not to regroup,Complete reconstruction,Not to see the hope of winning。
But got our emperor on this court!New emperor!
Ladies and gentlemen,Next, please invite the best players in the world,ourMVP,Our superstar!
From the far east.Xu!!!!!————

The fans at the scene have begun to chant“MVP”,Xu Xuan ran out of the player channel……
Burst instantly!
The whole stadium was instantly lit,Crazy cheers hit the sky。
The fans are excited,They waved their arms,Look crazy。
The crazy cheers are like a volcanic eruption,Shocking!