Not going to be published before,That’s because Ten Color Entertainment wanted Hei Fanghao,Published again,May not sell a copy,Then hit your hand。
Ten Color Entertainment is already kneeling now,Fang Hao’s image has also been restored,The market trend is promising,Then it is necessary to discuss this issue again。
“Of course reprint,”Fang Hao said without hesitation,“No money,Isn’t that a fool?You can still cut leeks now,Bad cut,Wait till the leeks are old,It’s too late to regret!”
The golden period of traffic is too short,Never cut,Chives are old。
Several other employees in the company are very nervous。
When they first joined,Is to pack and sell that book,Doing repetitive movements every day,Boring,I feel scared when I think of it。
If not for money,Who wants to do that kind of soulless work??
Reprint now,They have to face that kind of work again。
Think about it, it’s a little scary。
“How many more copies need to be published?”Liu Qing asked。
“100,000 copies,”Fang Hao said,“I think it should be digestible。”
《Footprints of youth》Now on air,The storm of his plastic surgery has passed,TV commercials of Hanshen menswear have also been put on,Popularity will only increase。
One hundred thousand books,Should not be so difficult to digest。
No more need。
Haoran Cultural Company’s processing capabilities are also limited,His own leek garden has not reached that point,I still don’t have the courage to bet bigger。
and,Some time later,his《Xiao Lian’s Growth Diary》It should be published,There were new products at that time,The old product may not be so popular。
Temporarily,Anyway, idle is idle,Make a10It’s also great to make money。
10Wan volumes can bring him a lot of profits,Even if it’s a donation like this one,You can donate three or four times。
Ye Wenwen is also at the celebration party,Although she didn’t say anything,But in a good mood。