When he goes out,It’s raining lightly in the sky,Wait till he arrives at Moxin Health Center,Rain has become very heavy,He didn’t use the umbrella after getting off the car,I stopped at the entrance of the health club,Because he felt,Only in this way,To show your sincerity。
There is no one in the health club today,Mo Xiaosheng sat there alone,Organize customer information。Yang Xu didn’t dare to speak out,Stand straight,Standing in the rain and waiting patiently。
The rain kept running down his face and hair,He has already drenched his clothes transparently。
Wait until Mo Xiaosheng is finished,When standing up,Yang Xu just took a step forward,Aim at the direction where Mo Xiaosheng is sitting,Kneel down with a puff,Voice trembling but loudly:“Yang Xu,Mr. Three Please!Please Mr. Mo to help!”
First0061Chapter what can you do
Wind wrapped with rainwater slapped on Yang Xu’s face,Extraordinarily cold,He can’t seem to feel it,The chiseled face is full of perseverance。
Grandpa told him,People have to bear the consequences for their actions,And now,He is bearing the consequences,Since his arrogance and arrogance angered Mo Xiaosheng,Then he must accept the punishment he deserves。
The man has gold under his knees,However, there is no gold under his knees at this time,Some only look forward to staying with grandpa。
He even felt that this punishment was not enough,So the look is extremely humble。
“Yang Dashao,Please go back,You are delicate and expensive,In case there is something wrong,I can’t afford it。”Mo Xiaosheng raised his eyes and looked at Yang Xu who was kneeling outside,Look plain,Keep your head down and keep sorting out your accounts。
“Yang Xu knew it was wrong,Please Mr. to save my grandpa!My Yang family,Grateful!”
Yang Xu’s voice is loud and loud,He made up his mind,If Mo Xiaosheng doesn’t agree today,Then he kneels for a day,If Mo Xiaosheng doesn’t agree tomorrow,Then he knelt for two days,Kneeling until Mo Xiaosheng agreed,or,Kneeling to the point where Grandpa does not act。
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart is not made of stone,He thought about it,Put down your things,Paced to Yang Xu,
“I told you yesterday,As long as you can move these two stone lions,Swapped positions,I promised you to treat your grandpa。But you don’t seem to do it。”
Although he is standing in the rain,Precarious,But the clothes on his body are still dry,Not affected by a trace of wind and rain,As if there is an invisible raincoat,Put on him,Blocked the wind and rain for him。