[Anal Bleeding Hazard]_ Anal bleeding _ Is it serious _ Harm _ Good governance?

Is anal bleeding serious?

In people with high blood pressure, in some cases, many patients choose to ignore it, unless there are particularly obvious pain symptoms, most patients choose to ignore the anal bleeding.

In fact, it is impossible for our anus to bleed for no reason. If you ignore the anal bleeding, it will easily cause more serious harm.

Anal bleeding is the most common anorectal disease and is caused by the following anorectal diseases: bleeding from internal hemorrhoids.

Anal fissure bleeding.

Rectal tumor.

Straight (nodule) enteritis.

Perianal chronic eczema and arthritis.

Bowel perforation, anal nipple enlargement, and other gastrointestinal bleeding may also cause anal bleeding.

Anal bleeding is not a trivial matter. Many people think that anal bleeding is due to hemorrhoids. In fact, there are many diseases that cause anal bleeding, and there are some fatal diseases that are caused by fractures.

Therefore, once you have symptoms of defecation blood, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and you cannot ignore it.

Diseases that cause anal bleeding, in addition to rectal cancer, rectal cancer, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, colorectal polyps, large intestine diverticulum, dermatitis around the anus can also cause bleeding. Cancer and rectal cancer are deadly diseasesAdhering to the principle of early detection and early treatment, the survival rate is still very high, and rectal polyps may turn into cancer.