58 Du Yan in the same city: intelligent services empower the recruitment market
On May 8th, the 58 city antique “58 Magic Day”, this event focused on the “full service, all belong” theme, gathered 58 city recruitment, real estate, local life services and other business lines.58 Vice President Du Yan attended the 58 Magic Day event and delivered a keynote speech. He said that 58 City Recruitment will strive to do a good job in service upgrades, serve users and customers with a one-stop leading recruitment platform, and achieve corporate endeavors with “full service”Empowerment, user empowerment and professional empowerment, use live broadcast, VR, big data to optimize smart job search services and enhance the job search experience.Optimizing the online recruitment service user experience has always been, 58 City provides accurate and efficient recruitment services for job seekers and recruiters.At present, 58 Tongcheng has a talent pool of over 400 million active talents and provides recruitment services for tens of millions of companies.According to Analysys data in the third quarter of 2019, the market share of 58 city recruits reached 37.7%, continue to rank first in the industry.Aurora data “2019 Q3 Mobile Internet Industry Data Research Report” also shows that 58 cities use 47 recruitment ratios.9%, ranking first in the industry.Du Yan, vice president of 58 Tongcheng City, introduced in his speech that 58 Tongcheng City actively responded to the call to stabilize employment and promote development, constantly improve recruitment services, and “satisfy” to escort job hunting.In 2019, 58 in the same city will build a super job season to meet the recruitment needs of brand employers and provide quality job opportunities for job seekers.Since this year, under the severe employment prospects, 58 Tongcheng has joined hands with the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, the People ‘s Daily client, the Xinhua News Agency client, the Beijing Commercial Daily and other authoritative institutions and media to launch a special recruitment campaign of 10 million tens of millions of days on the Internet.Recruitment, Cloud Recruitment Special Session, and Flexible Recruitment of Jobs for Enterprises, etc., to solve the problem of difficult recruitment for enterprises.In addition, 58 cities also set up distribution companies, anti-epidemic materials companies and other 15 urgently hired special events, and opened online payroll festivals in February-February and other activities to display multiple high-quality positions for more than 6,000 companies to meet the full potential of job seekers.Excellent employment needs.Smart job search service enhances the value of recruitment services in the keynote speech of 58 Magic Day, Du Yan said that the slogan of the 58 city in 2020 is “to serve more, more services to better SMEs”, 58 city will continue to assign value from the BEnergy, C-end empowerment, and professional empowerment work in three areas to create value for job seekers and recruiters.58 In the same city, the city first launched a live broadcast recruitment service in early 2020 to build a live broadcast channel for companies and job seekers to help companies effectively promote job positions online.At the same time, video interviews are also open to recruiting companies to help job seekers and recruiters communicate face-to-face through online video.In addition, 58 City also innovates and develops enterprise VR recruitment tools, transforming the 3D structure of the enterprise environment into flat and movable pictures, improving the connection rate between recruiters and job seekers, and increasing the credibility of enterprise information.This year, 58 City also launched recruitment advertisements against the trend, launched new advertisements in nearly 30 cities across the country, and participated in more than 1.2 billion market advertising resources to assist the majority of businesses in recruiting talents.In terms of C-end empowerment, Du Yan said that the 58 city’s new upgraded membership gold card brings 13 resumes to job seekers, priority application, quick communication, competitive analysis, quick reminders, and micro chat privileges.Regardless of the speed of feedback in job search or the number of interviews, membership gold card users have significantly improved compared to ordinary users, and the overall job search efficiency has increased by 3 times.58 Tongcheng also launched exclusive online customer service real-time service, intelligent job search assistant-small recruitment and other tools to help job seekers show themselves more perfectly, get smart job search services more comprehensively, and enhance the online job search experience.58 Tongcheng University is about to launch the 58 Tongcheng University program, with talent training as the main line, service industry as the goal, relying on international resources and mechanism innovation, to provide enterprise employers with professional skills and comprehensive quality of application-oriented talents.In addition, 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Research Institute and China Employment Research Institute jointly developed the only authoritative Chinese blue collar recruitment index in China.Through professional data on recruitment and job search, 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Research Institute continuously attracts and retains talents for enterprises, helps job seekers to replace employment, and also provides employment analysis for government departments.Du Yan said, “58 city recruitment is willing to be the best partner, build a one-stop service system, and provide users with a full range of recruitment services.”It is believed that in 2020, 58 city-wide recruitment system products, systems, and specialties will achieve comprehensive advancement and bring a better service experience to user customers with one-stop leading recruitment services.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chang Chen Lixiao against Chun Leng