awkward!The national football bus was stuck at the security gate, attracting fans to watch the comments
The top 40 match against Guam is on the way, and the national football team is preparing for the game in Guangzhou.Only this afternoon before the national football team arrived at the training ground, an unexpected episode drew crowds to watch-the bus carrying the national football team and coach actually stuck.The national football team’s training today is very easy.Photo / Osports This evening, the national football coach drove into the outfield of Tianhe Stadium.The bus was about to pass under the No. 4 security gate, but the front of the car was bumped by the top of the security gate.If forced to pass, the vehicle and security gate may be damaged.The driver saw the car parked in place and waited for the staff of the venue to come to deal with it.Soon after the car stopped, Lippi walked off the bus for the first time, and the coaches and members also got off the train and walked towards the gate of the training ground more than 20 meters away.”It’s too embarrassing” “Fortunately it’s a soft top” fans who saw this scene sighed.Lippi did not take a group photo with the fans after he got off the bus, and went straight to the training ground.The security gate that initially stuck the bus was set up for the top 40 game against Guam on the 10th. Unexpectedly, the home team’s national football team was blocked.This scene was made into a video by fans and spread to the Internet, which quickly aroused onlookers, “Is this a sign that Guam wants to put a bus?”Some fans laughed.For this battle of Zhongguan, Lippi’s goal is not only to win, but also continue to get more goal difference.In the Asian Cup qualifier on January 26, 2000, the national football team defeated Guam 19-0. This game is also the biggest score that the Chinese men’s football team has won in the international A-level competition.However, Guam terrorism has naturalized many players and is called the “American Second Team”.Judging from the news that passed before the game, Guam was not willing to give points on this trip.Today’s embarrassing scene also seems to remind the national football team that accidents can happen at any time and avoid underestimating Guam.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading He Yan