With professional agriculture(intermediate)Skills,Shen Huan’s performance in the experimental field,It really made Bai Wushuang look at him with admiration。
She can’t imagine,Just one3Month agronomy student,Can actually understand all kinds of agricultural knowledge,Like an agricultural expert。
Watching Shen Huan doing experiments rigorously,Recorded various data,And make various charts to compare,Bai Wushuang suddenly felt,My daily efforts,Seems not enough。
Of course。
Bai Wushuang also understands。
Everyone has a period of exhaustion。
She worked hard for so many years,23Got two Ph.Ds at the age of,Then he published several international papers,Mentally exhausted。
That’s why she wants to stay in school to do some teaching work,I hope to be able to communicate with the students,Give yourself more spark and motivation。
But no longer。
Shen Huan gave her Yingyue Ointment and Gubendan,Have awakened her body and mind,And it’s the kind of feeling that is thriving。
This made her full of fighting spirit。
On the one hand in physics experiments,She revived。
on the other hand,Now follow Shen Huan to do manual labor here,And make a content that has nothing to do with your profession,It’s a kind of relaxation。
In Bai Wushuang’s thoughts,There was a commotion outside suddenly。
She subconsciously looked at the door,Found a bunch of grandpa and aunt,Yelling at the door with the security guards。
For daughter,Boss Bai sent a total of12Security guard,Divided into three shifts。
During the day they will follow Shen Huan’s invitation,Do some simple tasks such as fertilizing and weeding,Then follow the specified time,Open the jet hose,Let the grown vegetables receive sufficient moisture。
Farming,Watering is essential。