Lu Yuxin’s words made Han Qian’s eyes light up。
of course,Not only because of this sentence,The key is this person。
“Yu Xin,Wait for those relatives to come,Some things auntie can’t say,But don’t be afraid!Especially when eating at noon,If someone drinks too much alcohol,Nonsense,You young people have a big temper, and I can understand you and Uncle Guo。”
Han Qian said something very implicitly。
I didn’t say it directly,Kill those people,Auntie supported you!
It can be seen that,In Han Qian’s eyes,Guo Xiaoyi’s uncle is indeed cruel enough。
But specifically to say this to Lu Yuxin,Instead of Wang Yufei,Obviously Han Qian is not very optimistic about Wang Yufei’s ability。
“Do not worry,Aunt Han。I can’t make my family suffer!”
Wang Yufei can’t laugh or cry。
But I saw Youlu Yuxin chatting with Han Qian,The adoptive mother’s mood is obviously better,Wang Yufei made a stare with Lu Yuxin,Let her stay and chat with Han Qian,Then I went back to the room。
He has to wait for Gao Deyuan to send over the information he needs。
As for the relatives of the Guo family, the strange flowers are not strange,He really doesn’t care。
With Guo Jianfeng’s IQ,I can’t really be fooled and leave all the family properties left to Guo Xiaoyi to my two nephews。
Professor Gao is really awesome。
It didn’t take long to pass him ten installation packages。
Each installation package probably has3GBsize。