The poster design is seriously improper, Guangsha Club was fined 1 million by CBA
According to the Beijing News Express, CBA official website news, Zhejiang Guangsha Club was fined 1 million yuan for serious improper information in the design of posters.The following are the positions of the CBA League on discrimination against Zhejiang Guangsha Club: clubs, teams, and divisions: On December 12, 2019, Zhejiang Guangsha Club released Zhejiang Guangsha Holdings team against Bayi Nanchang team through official WeiboWhen designing posters before the game, there was serious inappropriate information in the poster design, which caused extremely serious social impact.In accordance with Article 26 of Chapter 2 of the Disciplinary Code for the 2019-2020 Season Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League, the direct responsible person of Zhejiang Guangsha Club shall be forbidden to participate in the CBA league related work for life conflict, and Zhejiang Guangsha Club shall be cancelledQualified for this season, fined 1 million.The above fines will be used for relevant public welfare undertakings after soliciting opinions from the Bayi Nanchang team.I hope that CBA clubs, teams, and divisions will promote the core values of socialism in their daily work, promote the positive energy of the CBA league, strictly abide by the national laws and regulations and the CBA league management system, and make serious and rigorous preparations.Fans, media attention, and jointly maintain the CBA brand image.China Basketball Association (Beijing) Sports Co., Ltd. December 12, 2019 The following is an apology statement for Zhejiang Guangsha Club: Editor Jia Congcong Source: CBA official website