Microsoft, Google, etc. issued a joint statement to fight against the epidemic and a few more companies joined
At 8 a.m. Beijing time on March 17th, Microsoft’s official Twitter issued a joint statement on the industry of the new coronavirus, co-signed with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and Youtube.Of course, the official Twitter of Reddit, an American social news aggregation online community, retweeted this statement.The statement stated that the aforementioned companies are working closely on the new coronavirus response.These companies are helping millions of people stay in touch, while jointly combating fraud and misinformation related to viruses, enhancing the authoritative content on their platforms, and collaborating with government agencies around the world to share important updates.In fact, these invite other companies to join this work to ensure the health and safety of their communities.The Microsoft Bing team recently launched a portal to track changes in the new coronavirus epidemic worldwide.Users can query information from the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, etc. to view the information of any specific country or region, display relevant data of the region, local news and videos.Foreign media reported that Microsoft Bing development and distribution general manager Michael Scheck Hter said that this website was created by many Bing employees (at home) in the past week.Sundar Pichari, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, also recently published a blog post on how Google will help with the new coronavirus outbreak, including a virus education, prevention and local resources website developed in cooperation with the US government, so that users can passSearch, map and YouTube to find timely and useful information.Google Masters is also promoting the “five actions” campaign to raise awareness that people can take simple measures to slow down the spread of the virus.Completely, Sundar Pichari said that it will delete YouTube, Google Maps and App Store platforms, as well as the entire advertisement about incorrect information about the new coronavirus.Among them, YouTube has deleted tens of thousands of dangerous or misleading related videos, and then continued to delete videos that promote medically proven prevention methods; false and harmful information will also be automatically and manually deleted on the map.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liang Chen Wang Yu proofreading Wei Zhuo