“what is that?”Wang Hai on the tall building in the distance asked。
“This one……It should be their blindfold,nothing。”
The man in black also felt the purple air under his feet,Have a bad feeling。
It’s too late,Those anger appear much faster than imagined,When they turned around and had not taken two steps,Has been completely submerged in purple gas。
Followed by,From a distance,There are rows of whole fireballs appearing from the purple gas,Finally turned into darkness。
Weird phenomenon,What happened there?
The roof has lost control of people on the ground,But I didn’t hear the sound of fighting,There is not even a scream,Then it’s okay。
“Zi Qi is going to retire,The outside quickly meets the people inside。”
Just when the purple gas retreated,When people outside are going in,The news I got again was to stand by。
Because they can’t see anything in the yard,A dozen people just disappeared for nothing,It’s more chilling,There is no trace of fighting。
No resistance,How can anyone in this world make a group of martial artists disappear without any resistance??
Hell Shura?
Dai Tianbao’s eyes widened,Simply incredible,Why does this happen,Those white flames just now?
Yes,Those in black were burned into white residue by the flames that suddenly appeared in their bodies,This is a martial art he has never seen before。
“brothers,I didn’t expect you to be so good,Looks like I’m nosy!”