Meizi said with admiration。
No one answered Meizi’s question,Whether it is Yang Shiyun,Qin Liang and others,No one can answer this question at this moment。
“plum,Come and see,There are so many weird machines here。”
Liu Xiaoyun relieved Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang,She called Meizi to her and Shen Ruoxue’s side。
“Xiaoyun,plum,Don’t move those things yet,Let the people in our technical department collect fingerprints or something,Wait for them to finish,Whatever you want to study these things。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and reminded the girls。
So the technical police who rushed to start working,Results Yang Shiyun,Qin Liang and the others are getting in the way,Embarrassed, they had to retreat to the living room and chat together……Meizi stayed with the technical police,Watching them nervously busy。
“This skin monkey is a technical talent。”
Yang Zhi had nothing to say to Shen Ruoxue first.,Because he never found a chance to talk to Shen Ruoxue,So now he has to create a chance for himself to talk to Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue said regretfully。
“I really want to see this skin monkey。”
Liu Xiaoyun said that he was yearning……
“Xiaoyun,Skin monkey is a badass,Don’t ignore this question。”