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Chapter One Hot because of you
“Chu team quick pass!”
On the football field of Nanshan University,There are two teams playing an eleven-a-side football match。A team wearing a blue jersey is attacking the goal of a team wearing a white jersey。
With this shout,Chu Yifan, wearing a No. 10 blue jersey, gave out a kick。
Just after the football kick,A blue figure suddenly appeared in the white team’s back line。
The white team’s defensive player turned his attention away following the football,I saw that the blue team player had appeared behind them。
Someone raised his arm reflexively and shouted:“Offside!”
But the blue team player didn’t listen to him at all,After receiving Chu Yifan’s pass,Dribble into the penalty area,Then face the white goalkeeper,Left shoulder sinks,The right foot pushed the football to the far corner。
The football passes by the opposing goalkeeper,Easily break into the goal。
“Stop shouting,Lao Guo。Hu Lai is not offside。what!”Chu Yifan smiled and said to the opponent who raised his hand for offside,Listen to this tone,The two are already familiar。
“by!Two departments are playing games,You also invite foreign aid,Please ask foreign aid,You also invite the Poseidon Youth Team……”Be called“Lao Guo”Pointed at Chu Yifan and cursed。
Chu Yifan smiled:“Don’t tell me that your 30th is not from the South China Tigers Youth Team。”
Lao Guo’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed。
“Everyone is called foreign aid,Just don’t talk about second brother。Moreover,You called foreign aid to win us,But we are not called foreign aid……”
“Oh shit,This is the most shameless thing I have ever heard,Why did you call foreign aid not to win??”Old Guo Nudao。
“Of course it is to help Hu Lai keep the game。”Chu Yifan said goodbye with a smile,After that, I ran to Hu Lai to celebrate the goal。