That’s why Liu Xiaoyun is not so stupid!&1t;/p>
“Well【31 】Alright,I just go with you,Let’s go,Let’s go upstairs to find brother-in-law。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxue didn’t insist,She wanted to go,I’m just waiting for Liu Xiaoyun to take her with me,This girl,Now I have learned to be careful and careful。&1t;/p>
“You two go quickly,After coaxing him to go back to my room to sleep。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxi confessed a few words,Then I watched my two sisters go upstairs holding hands……&1t;/p>
“How to be like a child,You have to coax if you are angry。”&1t;/p>
Yang Shiyun whispered a little。&1t;/p>
“What do you think?He was a child,Haven’t you seen it?Willful owner who can’t pull ten cows back。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxi’s depressed answer。&1t;/p>
“That must be what you are used to。”&1t;/p>
Yang Shiyun deliberately finds responsibility on Shen Ruoxi,In fact, she knew in her heart;Shen Ruoxi is not used to Qin Liang, she doesn’t know,Anyway, she has always been used to Qin Liang!Especially when she and Qin Liang are alone……&1t;/p>
“Pull it down,I’m not used to him!You don’t know,I’ll train him when I’m fine,If something doesn’t pleasing to my eyes, I will tell him。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxi is still embarrassed,She has been criticized and educated by everyone for this matter,I’m so embarrassed to come out and say it。&1t;/p>
“You can shut up!Stop talking!Be careful to be heard by brother-in-law!”&1t;/p>
Yang Shiyun hurriedly prevented Shen Ruoxi from continuing to talk,She regretted it secretly,Why do you speak so carelessly?,Isn’t this a pot that doesn’t open and which pot,If Qin Liang overheard Shen Ruoxi behind his back,It’s strange if two people don’t fight!In that case, wouldn’t I be the culprit who provokes these young couples?!&1t;/p>
Fortunately, Qin Liang is not here……&1t;/p>
“Exactly,Shen Ruoxi,Don’t show off about it!Obviously what I did was wrong,I’m so embarrassed to come out and say,Ugh……”&1t;/p>
Song Min can’t listen anymore,Unceremoniously, Shen Ruoxi said。&1t;/p>