“Unexpectedly you have no celebrity status。”
Sent away two little fans,Qin Liang closed the door and walked back to praise Murong Shan。
“Do you think every star has a shelf??Except in formal occasions,I will deliberately maintain the image,Normally I am very easy going。”
Murong Shan answered with a faint smile。
“Really rare,Too rare,I find i admire you more and more。”
Qin Liang said the truth。
“Haha,I have many good points,You find out slowly。”
Murong Shan said proudly。
“Yep,I will,Anyway, we are good friends now,There will be more opportunities to be together in the future,I will find out slowly。”
Qin Liang looked at Murong Shan with eyes full of appreciation。
“What if you slowly fall in love with me?”
Murong Shan went before Qin Liang bought it,Half-joking and half-seriously looking at him and asking。
“do not know……”
Qin Liang is stuck,He really didn’t think about this problem,It’s like abandoning Shen Ruoxi’s idea, he never thought about it。
“it does not matter,If you really fall in love with me,I don’t mind being your confidante。Haha。”
Murong Shan said with a hearty smile,She is already satisfied,Because she already knows Qin Liang,Regardless of whether he has a relationship between men and women,As long as you have friendship with him,He will do his best to help you。