“Once a year!Top of the world!The ultimate palace of basketball!The biggest stage for fighters!NBA Finals!Officially opened!”
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!I’m marfo albert,Bring you the finalsG1,Lakers vs. Bulls!”
“Hello, everyone,This is caused byNBC,TBS,TNTCommentary brought by the joint!I’m Larry Bird,Glad to explain to you。”
Atmosphere explosion at the United Center Stadium,red!Red everywhere!
Every fan is almost crazy,They are all jordan,A fanatic of the bull。
No religion can have such a large number of fanatics,And Jordan is like a real god in Chicago,There are so many followers。
Not just in red23Jersey,The faces of the fans are colorfully painted with various bright paints,At this moment they seem to have left behind the self-esteem of the American modern era,Instead, he became a savage who was a primitive tribe cheering for his tribal warriors。
“This is chicago,This is the center of world basketball,No one knows the fanaticism of the fans here。Larry,You should have a deep understanding。”
“1980Chicago was far less enthusiastic than it is now,When Jordan first joined the Bulls,Not many fans here like basketball at all。It was Michael who shaped the soul of a team’s champion,Shaped the winning culture of fans。”
“Larry,Do the pinnacle Boston fans have this kind of enthusiasm??”
Bird smiled slightly:“Boston fans,More fanatical than the fans here。Now Boston is waiting for a savior,If Duncan joins,You will soon see what crazy is。”
“Duncan’s belonging is hard to say,There are too many good seedlings this year,Odom,Billups,McGrady wait wait。The quality of this year’s draft may not match96The golden generation is bad?”
“If Duncan can be like Kobe,Enter the league and play as a superstar,That’s really hard to say。”
“Shining stars,Rising stars are springing up like bamboo shoots,We are lucky to live in such a glorious era。”
“basketball,Will get better。”Larry Bird looking forward to,Stern’s operations have pushed the US NBA to an unprecedented height,And now these superstars in the alliance,Pushing the limit。
What is the future of basketball?
Can surpass other alliances,Become the top of the four major leagues?
Everything is possible!