“Then,Train together?”
“good idea。”
In front of the TV,Countless basketball fans,Staring intently at the screen inside the TV。
This is the grand ceremony of the world,Every basketball boy, rich or poor,,Can’t miss the show。
“Come on!Michael,Kill Kobe!”
In the slums of Chicago,One15year old,An unusually young man with a big cheek,Clenched his fist tightly。
In the TV,His idol and Kobe are fighting with each other.!
Wins, North Carolina-Salem,One12In the eyes of the baby-faced boy,Burning the same flame as Jordan Kobe。
“Someday,I will also be in front of such a stage,Put on the greatest performance。”
WashingtonDC,One9Year old,Long hands and feet。
He appears cringe,When all the students are cheering for Jordan,His eyes never leave the Lakers8number。
Basketball should be played like this。
Los Angeles,The three brothers of the future Splash,Jumping and jumping in front of the TV,As if wishing to go to the court in person and go to two tricks with Jordan。