Unless Chu Liuxiang doesn’t exist at all,Otherwise in this information network age,It’s impossible not to show your feet。
Are there fewer people guessing the identity of Teacher Chu Liuxiang on the Internet??
Some people even guess that Chu Liuxiang is Lu Xiaofeng。
Just because it’s too unbelievable,So few people believe。
Shen Huan looked at the still messy yard,Pondered,So he went to open the door。
Open the door,I saw a face of Yi’ai Yixi appeared in front of him。
“Teacher Lu,happy New Year!”
Yang Kaixin handed over a big bag directly,Smiling way:“The gift I chose for you abroad!”
There is no logo on the bag,But the gift specially selected by the little princess,Definitely not a bargain。
“Thank you!”
Shen Huan took the bag,Take her inside,“Just come back?Why did you make a special trip??”
“This shows my respect and admiration for you。”Yang Kaixin is a girl with no scheming,She didn’t look everywhere,Talk to Shen Huan,“Teacher Chu,You don’t know,How i adore you before!Now even more!
They see me now,None of that‘Wow,You are Yang Feng’s daughter’Emoji,But‘Wow,You are ziweiye,I really like you’……Hahahahaha……”