Those passersby were completely deceived。
Some were deceived by praise,Some were deceived by scolding。
Those who were cheated by fans to buy e-books,After seeing the content, I will be disappointed。
But those who were cheated by passersby to buy e-books,After reading the content, I was still disappointed。
——Because they don’t think the content is terrible,It’s just worthless,But how bad it is,It can’t be said to be bad。Love net
I originally wanted to watch the wonderful content to satisfy my curiosity,The result is no strange content,It’s just like boiled water。
It’s worse than bad。
Just spend money to buy two meaningless e-books,Not even qualified as a joke,Make them feel that they have become a joke。
They scold more fiercely。
And their verbal abuse attracted some curious idlers to click to buy。
In those curses,Fang Hao’s e-book sales have been rising。
For these fans who abused each other,,Very ugly,Make them very angry。