[Can you drink alcohol with persimmon]_Recommended diet

Persimmon is a kind of fruit that we usually eat in our daily life. Persimmon is sour and sweet, it is very rich in nutrition, and it has a good therapeutic effect.

But also pay attention to a lot of acid in the persimmon, so do not eat foods that are too high in protein when eating, also note that it is best not to drink alcohol when eating persimmons, let ‘s take a look at this aspectContent.

Why ca n’t I drink alcohol while eating persimmon?

That is because the wine is hot, and persimmon is a cold food. The two foods have the same problem. It is easy to promote the chemical reaction between the protein in the stomach and the fermented acid in the persimmon, and it is easy to form indigestible coagulated substances, which will causeGastrointestinal burden can easily cause symptoms such as constipation.

When eating persimmons, you must understand certain dietary taboos. If you eat improperly, you can cause dry stools, indigestion, and often cause harm to your body.

It is even easy to cause hemorrhoids and other conditions. In some cases, it is said that try not to eat crabs when eating persimmons, because crabs are high in protein and there is residual acid in the persimmons. Indigestible substances are easily formed after the two ingredients meet.Causes constipation and other conditions in patients.

When eating persimmons, do not eat high-protein substances, such as milk, soy products, etc. Try to eat less to avoid burdening the stomach, causing gastrointestinal irritation, and even constipation, and diarrhea.
The above simple understanding, can I drink wine after eating persimmon?

Try not to drink alcohol when eating persimmons. Persimmons contain a lot of supplemental acids, and wine is a hot food. The two diets easily form indigestible substances in the stomach, which will increase the burden on the stomach and cause adverse health effects.