How to do CBA empty field rematch?These methods are worth doing
Yao Ming, chairman of the CBA League, confirmed last week that this season’s league rematch will use the empty court system.Sauna, Yewang recently learned about the antique methods and NBA competition organization standards of the Taiwan SBL League at the end of April through a number of members of the public, and combined with CBA practices to provide a smooth and safe rematch for the empty court.The SBL rematch team has few seats.Figure / Visual China 丨 The control team of the participating teams is well protected. When the pause button is pressed in global sports, the SBL league restarts on March 25, and until April 30, the Taiwan beer team won the championship and ended the game.Zhu Yanshuo, a well-known basketball media person from Taiwan, told the sauna,, centralized closed management, control of the flow of personnel, and the strengthening of protective measures are the key, and it is the ready-made experience of CBA rematch.The safety of the participating teams must be the highest consideration in the rematch.With the addition of a roster of 12 players per game, the non-competitors on the team’s bench must be reduced, including teaching assistants, physical trainers, translators, team doctors, etc.The NBA usually has about 15 coaches, but the only half that appears on the team’s bench during the game.Zhu Yanshuo introduced that during the rematch of the SBL League, the total number of each game will be controlled to two, and the total number of the two teams is less than half.The CBA stipulates that each team seat is provided with 16 seats uniformly provided by the league, and other seats, stools, and team seats can be replaced to allow unrelated personnel to come close within 2 meters.However, this rule was not strictly enforced in the past. Some homes have two volleyball team seats, and the latter row often shows club staff or relatives and friends of team members.After the empty-field rematch, the number of seats in the team seat is specified, and it must be performed by unrelated personnel. Players who have not entered the big list may not occupy the team seat if necessary.At the same time, basketball games cause a lot of droplets and sweat in the hall, increasing the risk of germ transmission.”SBL implements admission registration, measures the forehead temperature, and there will be full-time staff to disinfect the players’ hands with alcohol during substitutions, and the protection is done in place.Zhu Yanshuo believes that this series of measures is also necessary after the CBA rematch.丨 The non-essential positions of the staff can be discarded in addition to the participating teams to ensure the integrity and professionalism of the competition, and rely on the competition staff.According to the uniform rules, each game has one technical representative and three on-site referees.The NBA will sometimes add a “substitute” referee to prevent unexpected situations.In important events such as the CBA semi-finals and the finals, four referees will also be sent to the venue. A lottery will be drawn before the game to decide the candidate, but it is not necessarily necessary in special periods, especially in the regular season.As for the recording desk, the NBA is an 8-person team, responsible for timing, statistics and announcements. The CBA stipulates a compilation number of 10: 6 recording desks, 3 statistics, 1 game video monitoring and management (responsible for live video playback), clearly specifiedDo not over-edit.Zhu Yanshuo introduced that the SBL League’s record desk and technical statistics staff throughout the game through the mask, this is a necessary measure to create a safe environment.In addition, the CBA League Manual also stipulates the following mandatory seats: competition supervision, news supervision, security person in charge, competition person in charge, a total of 4 people, divided around the record desk; CBA company competition inspectors, business inspectors total 2, On the opposite or side of the recording table, the LED advertising administrator operation table and the promotion inspector’s workbench, on the opposite or side of the LED advertising machine.However, in the case of match-making air games, the above positions can be appropriately replaced or even directly abolished.Involving the interests of sponsors, other forms of supervision or inspections are possible, and DJ / MC seats and cheerleaders, which are usually located on the same plane as the recording table, are no longer necessary.On-site medical personnel (required 2-4 persons), floor cleaning personnel (required 4-6 persons) and security personnel shall be retained, but personnel shall be controlled and protected in place.In addition to no audience in the empty game, SBL also declined the reporter’s interview.Figure / Visual China 丨 Media Relay CBA intends to invite reporters to report that the empty court games have caused the league and clubs to suffer from box office revenue losses. TV and Internet platform broadcasting have become the only means of ensuring influence.Zhu Yanshuo introduced that this season the SBL has undergone changes, and only five teams have participated. The original attention gradually declined.”But because it is almost the only mainstream league in the world, after relaunching, it has set a rating record and the topic has soared.”It seems that the broadcast of CBA must do a good job of the staff’s anti-epidemic work, and the quality of signal production cannot be compromised.Li Shuangfu, a media person with extensive NBA reporting experience, has at least 10 seats in the special program, the NBA regular season broadcast, plus commentary, venue reporters, which are also divided into national stations, local stations and radio stations.At least another 10 people.Zhu Yanshuo told Sauna, Yewang, the infield staff of the SBL League broadcast team, and at the same time, the anchor and the inside of the ball review were controlled by about 15 people.The explanations of the CBA broadcast platforms are usually not on the scene. The sauna and the night network learned through a TV peer that during an ordinary regular game, the broadcasters on the scene include 9 cameras, 1 live director, and 2 video assistants (non-Required), another 15-person team works in the OB van.In addition to no audience in the empty game, SBL also declined the interview of the reporter. It is rumored that after the NBA rematch, it is also planned not to be open to the media.According to Sauna and Yeewang, in the earlier rematch plan of the CBA League, it was planned to invite the copyright website and some central and national media to visit the competition site to cover the report, and the reporters sent to implement unified closed management.The empty game will make the players feel uncomfortable.Figure / Sports 丨 The highly empty site on the scene may have an impact, and several large gymnasiums will be formed in the two cities, but there is the problem of inconvenience of centralized management due to the distance dispersion.In order to improve the efficiency of the rematch, it does not rule out the arrangement of multiple games in a day, even at the same time period.In this way, the main hall + training hall / warm-up hall of the large-scale sports center becomes the most feasible plan.Under the rankings, the SBL playoffs are arranged in private basketball centers.Zhu Yanshuo said that there is a training venue for the Chinese Taipei team. It is also open to basketball enthusiasts on weekdays. There is no grandstand in the hall; and because the league’s attention is low, the players have adapted to few audiences.However, the fans are the feelers and creators of the atmosphere of the basketball game. When the stadium stands empty, the players on the court will feel uncomfortable.CBA players who have visited the Wukesong Stadium too much have talked about it. The coldness of training on the morning of the match day and seeing the fans fill up the seats before the game.Excited or nervous, it takes some time to adjust and adapt.Players are used to switching between different stadiums and fans, but it may be difficult to get used to playing formal CBA games in venues without spectators.In this way, the stadium environment of the rematch will be a challenge.If you play in the training hall, there will be an illusion of playing an internal teaching game; shrinking, the more empty the stand from the arena, the players may feel more unfamiliar, and it is difficult to play their due level.The football community came up with ideas such as putting dummy on the stands and playing vocals in the stands for “empty courts are not empty”. CBA is also interchangeable, trying to provide a fair playing environment for each team.Sauna, Ye Wang Editor Liu Xihuang proofreading Wu Xingfa