Xu Fu is not wrong,Two days later,Anonymous and others did reach their destination。
Shenlong Island。
There is a family living on Shenlong Island for generations,It’s been 600 years since then。
The people of the aquarium every ten years,Will elect a new generation of Poseidon King,The Poseidon King is the ancestor of the Sea Clan,Shenshui Jue created by the ancestor of the water god,Shenshui Jue is a knack for blood in the human body,Can make blood evaporate instantly,Unmatched。At the same time, there is a layer of mucous membrane on the surface of the sea clan to help the people of the sea clan vent their attack power,Sword hard to hurt,Hard to attack。
About two kilometers from the coast,Wuming and others were stopped by the Sea Clan。
“This is the chassis of the Sea Race,You guys get out,Otherwise, don’t blame our sea people for being rude to you”A marine soldier standing on the boat shouted。
“Caught him,We go directly to the island,Time to wake up the dragon,These sea people are not afraid”Xu Fu is also a decisive person。
Xu Fu skill runs,A huge suction sucked the people of the sea people onto the big ship,Chop。Confess that the servant can be taken care of after being tied up。
Anonymous Xu Fu and others,Show off,Fly quickly towards the island。
Fell silently on the beach,Several people discussed the next action plan。
“Do nothing but never stop,Why don’t we crack all the people on the island”Bai Suzhen deserves to be the devil,Speaking of killing people is no different from killing chickens。
“No,Not all warriors on this island,On the contrary, there are no young women and children, and this dragon is a beast,Inhumane,Once it is released, it must be killed,When the time comes, these people from the sea people will not only be our resistance,It may be our help”Anonymous。Slaughter an island,Completely exceed the nameless moral bottom line。
“The old man is good at Feng Shui counting,Under careful study,When you can find the hidden place of the dragon。”
“it is good,Please act quickly, sir”Several people said。
So Xu Fu was in full view,Took out the compass,Facing the sun,Plausible。
Look for the dragon,One entanglement is one hurdle,If there are thousands of locks,There must be princes living here。
Looking for the dragon,The cloudiness is the dragon’s back。The turn of spring and summer and dichotomy,Looking at the clouds at night。