Tucao is not fatal,Relentless exposure of reality is the deadliest。
Gu Bingjun is indeed unmarried,Because he is an unmarried man。
Girlfriend had before,But for a pure business man,It is obviously not easy to maintain a relationship。
So I broke up before returning home。
I have been busy with my career after returning home,Naturally there is no time to find a girlfriend。
But Gu Bingjun dared to swear,What he said just now definitely did not mean envy, jealousy or hatred because of being forcibly fed a handful of dog food。
So the sympathy in Wang Yufei’s eyes means several things?
“Talk business,Why don’t I give you a brief report on the department’s preparations?。”
“No need!Setting up a department is what you are good at,I’m here to talk to you about the study class。Have all the study materials I sent you been sent down??”
“Each issued,Have already started learning。”
Wang Yufei nodded,Said:“I made a more detailed information,I think so,You need to familiarize everyone with the macro language as soon as possible,According to the news from Weihua,They will launch notebooks with brain-computer chips in about three months,Mr. Ge also estimated that at most about three months,Other manufacturers will launch mobile phone products with brain-computer chips,I want to take advantage of this wave to launch our Xin system。So during this time, let everyone work overtime to study,Of course, overtime pay is still paid。”
Gu Bingjun was stunned,Said:“Three months?Time is too late?”
Although he is also a radical man at work,But only three months to launch the Xin system,This time is really too tight。
No time for closed beta。
This is when Wang Yufei has already built the basic framework。
“I think it can,UIThe design can be more bold。windows、Some mature interfaces of Android,Borrow according to the operation method。Anyway, the lawsuit must be fought in the future,You must be mentally prepared for this piece。In addition,I will also hurry up and debug。correct,We have reached an agreement for China,Xin system can be used if they need to use their patent library。”