“Mr. Ho,you,Why do you keep looking at me?”Fang asked with a bright red front。
“Since you said there is no poison in it,Then why did you clean the dregs!”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Lightly,This is the reason why the smell of the medicine has faded。
Cleaning dregs?
The faces of all the doctors suddenly changed,Immediately looked at Fang Zheng with doubts。
Fang Zheng was so scared that he staggered,Almost fell to the ground,I glanced at the crowd and said anxiously:“No,I did not clean it,It took less than an hour to decoct the dregs,I haven’t moved it,I’m afraid of unexpected situations,So I have to keep every medicine dregs for half a day,If there is a problem,Then I secretly dumped it soon!”
“Humph!”Mingcheng suddenly stood up,Cold voice:“Maybe you just prepared this set of rhetoric,That’s why I deliberately didn’t discard the medicine dregs!”
The people in the room heard what they said,Can’t help but be suspicious,Don’t know who to trust。
“Speak without proof!”Mo Ziqin glanced at Fang Zheng,See him not like a lie,Then he said coldly to Mo Xiaosheng:“You said the medicine dregs are poisonous,Can there be any evidence?”
“It’s not easy,Take it to the laboratory for laboratory testing!”Xiao Manru immediately stood up and said coldly to his elder brother。
“Younger siblings,What’s the matter with you,The second brother was almost killed by this kid,Why are you still defending him everywhere??”Mo Ziqin frowned,Turning his head with confusion and questioning his younger brother and sister。
“I am not defending him,I am to maintain the truth!”
Xiao Manru’s face is firm,Then turned his head and glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,A hint of careless love flashed in my eyes,Until now,She still firmly believes in Mo Xiaosheng。