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The dry pot fruit is an authentic home-made cuisine. The method is simple and the nutritional value is also high. Prepare the soft-shelled turtle and other vegetables as ingredients, and then fry in the pan first.Stew, pay attention not to add too much water during the process, the specific production method can be carried out according to the following introduction article, because the steps and the choice of materials, calibration are paid attention to.

Kind and effect: Private dish Taste: Salty flavor Process: Braised lemon leaf, belly, stewed raccoon Ingredients: Ingredients: 300 grams of civet, 250 grams of turtles Auxiliary materials: 100 grams of shiitake (fresh), 150 grams of chicken, eggsQing 10g seasoning: 3g cinnamon, 4g soy sauce, 10g salt, 25g ginger, 25g rice wine, 1g pepper, 25g lard (refined), 40g starch (pea)How to make tanned stewed raccoons and how to make lemon leaves

Use lemon leaf, ginger slices (10 g), boil the tanuki meat twice with boiling water, then take the ginger (15 g), tangerine peel and light two soup (400 g), cook with civet meat, removeCut civet flesh into shreds.

Boil with lard, put ginger wine, light two soup (300 g), chop the shredded pork pigs, separate and place in the soup nest, add light soup (100 g), and wine (10 g), Refined salt (2 g), MSG (3 g), pepper.

Use egg whites, 5 grams of wet starch (3 grams of starch and water), mix the chicken wire well, simmer in the wok, add lard, and cook for about 80 seconds, then lift the oil.

Simmer the belly belly with boiling water, boil it with lard, splash 10 grams of Shao wine, 300 grams of light soup, and 2 grams of refined salt. Simmer the belly belly and separate it.

Use lard to cook, splash 5 grams of Shaojiu, 2000 grams of light soup, add civet silk, shiitake mushrooms, belly belly, add the remaining refined salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper seasoning, etc., and cook until slightlyAfter boiling, add the remaining 55 grams of wet starch (35 grams of starch and water) and stir. Add the old soy sauce and shredded chicken.

Drain the civet with blood, chop it into large pieces, pour it into the pot, and wash it; 2.

2. Add ginger, spring onions, and cooking wine to the seventh maturity; 3.

Allow to cool, remove bones, and change meat into slices; 4.

4. Mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, and ham slices will be turned into water for use;

6. Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and ham are placed on the bottom of the casserole, and the other half is placed in the casserole with the civet;

Set the pan on the fire, add some oil, add watercress, garlic, and ginger to taste; 7.

8. Seasoning wine, soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, pepper, check the slag when it is right; 8.

Pour the soup into a casserole, slowly cook over low heat, and sprinkle with coriander.

How to make casserole ciders: 1.

Caviar should not be too soft when hanging, otherwise it will not be easy to form.


The dishes are cooked in the form of a casserole, maintaining the original flavor of the dishes.

Health Tip: Ciders contain crude protein, a variety of minerals and vitamins, which have a certain dietary tonic effect.