Pet actors participate in episodes, not by all means
Teddy “Alpha” raised by Xu Wenchang, the aunt of Buddhism in the “An Jia”, followed Xu Wenchang (Luo Jin) and Fang Sijin (Sun Li) in the limelight every day.Although I have done the “bad thing” of turning over the leftovers of Loushan Pass, causing the “daddy” to break the tail vertebrae, Aunt Xu still treats his own son and is sent to do sterilization for fear of being AlphaRemembering hatred, but also acting to make Fang Jinjin a villain.In “Crystal Sugar Stewed Pear”, the heroine Tang Xue (Wu Qian) is a freshman majoring in animal medicine at the College of Agriculture. There are a variety of roommate pets in the dormitory: lizards, hamsters, spiders, tree frogs.It is too common.Lin Miaomiao (Zhao Jinmai) in “Youth School” wants to adopt stray cats. After the episode was aired, the audience pointed out that the stray cats that Lin Miaomiao fed are all precious breeds, either spiders or puppets.Unreasonable.In “The Next Stop is Happiness”, the golden retriever of the He Fanxing family is called “Master Belle” and is domineering; the white Pomeranian raised in the Yuan and Song Dynasties is called “braised pork”, which is delicious but the color is wrong;”Peach Blossom”, the master’s mind is clear, but unfortunately, “Zhao Peach Blossom” is often lost, President Ye always finds it.In the “Rebirth”, the criminal policeman Qin Chi, who was translated in Zhang Yiyan, raised a retired police dog “Hammer”.Qin Chi, who met Chen Rui (Zhao Jinmai), the sister of Chen Xi, a criminal who came to revenge, asked her to take care of her pet dog in addition to taking her with her.In “Want to See You,” Huang Yuxuan met a pet communicator before moving through the world of Chen Yunru, a girl from Fengnan High School in 1998.The photo that Huang Yuxuan showed to the pet communicator was exactly the photo she took with Wang Quansheng and the Alaskan dog “latte”.”Earth Blushes” starts with an accident in the pet hospital. The male and female protagonists have a golden retriever and a blue cat, which exactly reflect the personality of the two.In “Datang Female Forensic Medicine”, the female forensic doctor Ran Yan (played by Zhou Jieqiong) raised too much powder in her daily routine, and this cat named “Zhou Lulu” also opened Weibo @ 女 法医 的 喵, introducing it inThe cute pet friends in the play, certain condors flying, beauty camel, etc., add to the promotion of the episode.The cute pet characters in “Chen Qingling” are exceptional.Lan Wangji kept a bunch of rabbits in Yunshen for no reason. The reason was that Wei Wuxian sent him when he was studying, and it was also a testimony of their friendship.Wei Wuxian’s donkey mount “Little Apple” ignored Wei Wuxian’s love, and when he saw Lan Wangji, he bowed his head.In the episode aired since June 2019, Yuan Jinxia (Tan Songyun) in “Under the Jin Yi” rescued a gray tabby cat from the heavy rains of the investigation and gave her an umbrella that she loved.She used to cover her from the rain, but she said that she was afraid that the cat would get rain.The relationship between the two was heated by a cat.In “Da Ming Feng Hua”, the crown prince Zhu Gaochi (Liang Guanhua) raised a pug in the palace and sent his grandson Zhu Zhanji to Zhu Di to follow his orders. He had nothing to do with the “dog son”.In “Dear, Love”, Tong Nian (Yang Zi) raised a Labrador, and she sent a puppet cat to Han Shangyan (Li Xian).Han Shangyan teased her: “Do you want to tie me with a cat?”But he loved the cat.  Teddy “Alpha” in “An Jia” witnessed the emotional change of “Aunt Xu” and Zhang Chengcheng, and the room seemed to be beautiful; the three dogs in “The Next Stop is Happiness” “Belle”, “Braised Meat””Peach Blossom” is a big melon that eats and divides the people. The cute character is becoming the “standard” in the TV series, regardless of whether it is a costume drama or a modern drama.  Sauna, Yewang combed the popular episodes in the past 9 months, and found that at least 12 ministries such as cats and dogs have appeared in pets, many of which are not non-labeled supporting roles, otherwise it will cause emotional healing and promote plot development.Important role.  Casting the alpha nickname “Xu Yiyi” in the acting world adds an old saying-“Don’t act with animals and children”.Because they are all uncontrollable, but sometimes the amazing performance can completely cover the aura of the opponent’s actor.An executive producer told the sauna that, unless the plot has special requirements, the general director and screenwriter will not arrange “super-level” performances for Meng Chong actors. Most of them are to let them perform as they are.”There is really a need for” super class “, the crew would rather replace the special effects, this will convert efficiency.”” Anjia “crew members revealed that” Alpha “is the most obedient dog selected from a professional dog trainer’s pet shop.”The food, bath, grooming, transportation, and salary of this dog are higher than our staff.Originally, the crew also prepared a substitute for “Alpha”, but “Alpha” was very healthy and cooperated to complete all the parts, and no substitute was used.“‘阿尔法’平时是一只很有活力的小泰迪,在片场内外跑来跑去,追着三脚架上掉下来的‘网球脚’玩,但只要一开机就迅速进入状态,变成一只The quiet beautiful dog has melancholy little eyes.So on the set, it has a nickname ‘Xu Yiyi’, which means ‘Xu Afa’ (the name given to ‘Alpha’ by Aunt Miao in the play).”Performing” Datang Female Forensic Medicine “to bring cats into the group to allow Meng Chong actors to perform well, it is necessary to arrange in advance that they have a good relationship with the human actors of the game.The above-mentioned staff recalled that the script “Anjia” had the role of “Alpha” and arranged its emotional drama.Aunt Xu aunt Luo Jin, one of the most important preparations before the filming started was to get along with “Alpha” day and night and cultivate feelings.”I remember the day when the guide ceremony was held, Luo Jin led‘ Alpha ‘, one person and one dog entered the field handsomely.”Alfa” performance is also very competitive, because the performance has won a lot of shots.  The cat actor “Chou Lulu” who appeared in “Datang Female Forensic Medicine” and played the role of the heroine Ran Yan is actually the cat that the actor himself raised.Zhou Jieqiong told the sauna, Yewang: “When filming, the crew felt that cats and dogs could pass by in the yard, so they arranged for cats.It happened that I also had a cat, and it was Ran Yan’s house, so I ‘appropriated’ my cat.”Normally, the obedience of cats is not as high as that of dogs. How to make” Zhou Lulu “act obediently?Zhou Jieqiong said with a smile that the crew did not arrange too many scenes for “Zhou Lulu”. Basically, it was just to do it himself, so the shooting was quite smooth.”I don’t worry about it running around on the spot because it’s very good, and it’s so timid when it comes out.”Analysis sparked sympathy for pet owners. In these TV shows with cute pets such as cats and dogs, the role of cute pets is not just selling cute props.The black-backed “hammer” in “Rebirth” is a reconciled and trusting emotion between the surviving policeman and the sister of the murdered gangster in the shooting.”Alpha” in “An Jia” is not only a need to express the delicate and gentle personality of the “Aunt Xu”, but also an impetus to promote the change of the emotional relationship between Aunt Xu and Fang Shijin, Aunt Xu and Zhang Chengcheng.  And why are more and more TV series giving Meng Chong characters a place in the script?The analysis of the crew of the above-mentioned “Anjia” pointed out that pets have healing properties, which promotes the emotions of the characters in the play and the progress of the plot.”And it’s a huge group of people who keep pets in China.”There are pets in the film and television works, which will increase the resonance and adhesion of this group of people.”Writing / Sauna, Ye Lianjie