Home team first,Away team behind。
Raptors behind13Points lost the home opener!
Watching the basketball falling on the ground and rolling,Lori couldn’t look away for a long time。
More than Lowry,DeRozan,Valanciunas,The other Raptors players are now silent。
The same silence as the Raptors fans at the scene。
The whole arena seems to be only left with the roar of understanding and the sound of the camera reporter clicking on the camera.。
This is the Pacers’ first regular season win this season。
Xu Xuan16cast7in,Of which three points6in3,penalty4in3,got it20Minute、9Assist、5Backboard。
Pickled peppers19cast8in,One of the three pointers7in3,penalty8in6,Got the highest in the game25Minute、8Assist、3Backboard、3Steal。
Tucker’s data is still weird,There was no mention of him in the whole game,But he still chopped it down silently18Minute,The score is only behind Xu Xuan and Pickled Pepper,Ranked third in the team。