“Sister Yao……”
The girl suddenly cried,“Woo……I didn’t take pictures of Brother Mo……I never did this……Brother Mo is so good to me,How could i hurt him?”
“cry,cry,Cry ass!”He Yao scolded her impatiently,And asked the remaining two male assistants:“what about you?”
“I do not know either,Many days have passed。I only remember that Brother Mo and sister-in-law were very happy that day,So we all drank a lot of alcohol……”
“Yes,If Brother Li didn’t drink,,Go out early and wait for us in the car,We couldn’t go home that day!”
The two also said they were wronged。
He Yao sighed unconsciously。
Inquiries like this,It seems to have no effect。
That day indeed,Su Mo booed in joy,Including these people,They are all drunk。
If it weren’t for the driver, Ali has always been honest,Seeing them drinking, they went back to the car to eat bread,Then rush them into the car,Maybe you don’t have to wait for today,I’ve been photographed and uploaded by passers-by。
She also asked Su Mo and these three,From a photo perspective,Not too close to them,And who was standing there at the time,They have no impression at all。
But obviously,It can’t be accidental。
Because they were eating late that night,The location of the hotel is relatively remote。
Besides, I was simply photographed eating with Tang Jingshan,What’s so great about that?
Su Mo and his friends go there too much,It’s absolutely nothing!
If it’s not for someone,I can’t find such a good opportunity to take a photo。
and so,This inner ghost must be caught,Lest he betray more Su Mo’s secrets in the future!