In the film and television dramas and reality, you can’t ignore the morbidity of “daddy boyfriend”
“Daddy Boyfriend in Movies and TV Plays” has been hotly searched. First, who created this topic and what is the purpose of creation? Discussing whether “Daddy Boyfriends” in movie and TV plays is a healthy sexual relationship.Searching for “father line”, you will get a lot of related hot searches, some are the role of father + film and television drama, and some directly label certain stars.The obvious answer is no.A healthy intimate relationship is established by two adults with independent personalities and mental health. Sometimes the relationship regresses to the state of young children, and they sprinkle each other’s petite. That is a beautiful main theme. Sprinkle some sugar and salt to increase the interest of life.An adult finds a opposite sex for him (her) as a father and mother, called a father boyfriend, a mother girlfriend, meticulous care, care, itself is psychologically immature, due to some reasons caused mental stagnation in childhood.For example, He Canyang (“The Next Stop is Happiness”), as long as he does not violate the law, he will accompany you everywhere.The woman Cai Minmin is already an adult woman, she asked He Canyang to help her “rescue the trapped small animals”-stuffed toys in the doll machine.Children grow up to seven or eight years old can already distinguish between reality and imagination, and no longer become a toy doll to live, do you think that Cai Minmin, who has reached the age of a person, is mentally mature?In another sweet pet drama “Dear, Love”, Han Shangyan often babbles like a child, and behaves like a child. All the recognized sweet pet clips all point out what Tong Nian said when playing games:”My children, I will wait.”Adults are taken care of as children. The normal feeling should be degraded and underestimated. It is not sweet, and adult women do not need this kind of fake” favor. “There is a father boyfriend advocated by the account on Weibo.The sweet pet drama of “Daddy Boyfriend” has its social foundation and is related to the hot topic of “widowed child-raising” in recent years.In widowed parenting, the worried mother clings to the child, the father is absent, the loss leads to lack of fatherly love, and the daughter does not get the fatherly love that can fully meet the psychological needs, and thus cannot be fixed in this psychology in adulthood.Need, when looking for a boyfriend, turn to the boyfriend for the love you want from your father.Movies and TV series are meant to reflect social reality, and describing and showing morbid relationships is an important part of it.However, the film and television works should be conscious when showing pathological relationships, and the causes of the production have a profound understanding. The sweet pet play of “father boyfriend” is sweet and sweet, but it does not see “pathological”, but “sweets” with an appreciation attitude.”What is commendable in describing the pathology as an enviable beauty?Going back to the question at the beginning of the chapter, if this hot search topic was created by Bao Mou or someone related to his interests, his heart would be blamed.The physical and psychological ages of minor children are not mature, and there is no relationship between middle-aged men and minor girls.In the “Daddy Boyfriend” sweet pet show, there are adults on both sides. The physical age is mature but the psychological is not mature enough.□ Cuihong (column writer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading He Yan