If the wooden clone of Gray Wolf Clone No. 4 stays here to deal with these three Konoha ninjas,Then none of these three Konoha ninjas will survive。
Mu Chibi nodded,Rushed over with the can。
“Stop him!”
“Don’t think about it!”Jilai also quickly seals,“Forbearance·Messy lion hair!”
The gray wolf hair on the body quickly grows on one side,At the same time, it gradually envelops a Konoha Anbe ninja who wants to stop the gray wolf clone No. 4 wood clone.。
The other two Konoha anbe ninjas changed their strategy instantly,Take the lead in rescuing your companion。
Since Kakashi became the sixth generation of Hokage,For the task,There is less and less abandoning of companions for the sake of the village,Until Naruto became the seventh Naruto,The situation of abandoning companions completely disappeared。
“Didn’t you choose to give up your companion?.”
Looking at the other two Konoha Anbe ninjas supporting him,Jilai also nodded in relief。
“Water escape·Waves!”
“Lei Dun·Thunder Arrow!”
The property of conducting electricity through water flow,Increase the attack range and power of Thunderbolt,It’s quite simple combination ninjutsu,Because it was wrapped in the hair of Jiraiya,So their companions will not be hurt。
“Tu Dun·Earth flow wall!”
Jiraiya puts his hands together and pats the ground,Erect a wall of earth in front of him,Block the rushing waves,At the same time, Konoha Anbe Ninja wrapped in hair was thrown out from the sky above the earth wall。
“Catch him!”