Looking at the figure that Dai Mubai came over,Zhao Ming’s eyes flashed with disdain。If Dai Mubai would go all out from the beginning,Zhao Ming may have to work harder。But after being hit by Zhao Ming,,His punch is estimated to be only about 80% of his peak period。How could it be Zhao Ming’s opponent?。
“Send you to heaven。”stand still,Zhao Ming slammed a punch。
“puff。”Dai Mubai retreated more than ten steps,I didn’t stop until my body hit the pillar。But this bump is another pain,Looked at Zhao Ming in amazement。He didn’t expect that he was still not Zhao Ming’s opponent。Look at Zhao Ming’s ease of use,Clearly there is still room。
“Giggle,It’s impossible for my little brother to soak us like this。”Yan Lingji smiled,Looking at Dai Mubai with a smile on his face。
Dai Mubai’s face was also blue and white at this time。
He really doesn’t understand why the man on the opposite side can still suppress him。Logically,His martial spirit is a force attack system,These years have brought him a huge improvement,Plus the strength of his senior soul,Shouldn’t be abused。
On Martial Soul of Power Attack System,How can their Baihu Wuhun rank in the top three?。Except for Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Electric Overlord Sect,On the bright side, it is impossible for other martial souls to suppress him。Not to mention,With his spirit power so high。
There is only one possibility,That is the opposite is natural supernatural power。Such people are not uncommon,There are many such people in their Star Luo Empire。
Have the answer in my heart,Dai Mubai took a long breath of relief。
“Is it natural??Not bad,But after all, the soul master has the final say in this world。Even if it’s the power of the gods,It’s not enough to see in front of a powerful soul master。”Dai Mubai snorted coldly。
“Beaten so badly by me,Dare to speak arrogantly。Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?Liang Jingru??”Zhao Ming disdain。
“Humph,What’s more than strength?The battle between soul masters,Still have to use Wuhun to solve。”
“White tiger,Possession。”Dai Mubai shouted,Wuhun directly released。A strong pale light suddenly burst from him,Dai Mubai’s muscles swelled up。The surrounding air also became irritable。