[Cheese film practice]_ production method _ how to make

There are still many ways to make cheese slices, but you should still choose fresh raw materials before making them. The taste of the cheese slices will only get better and better. Do n’t forget to make sureIt is also very important to sterilize more. If it is contaminated without disinfection, then there is no way to eat it. In addition, you must control the temperature.

Milk is sterilized at a low temperature of 63 ° C because milk that has been sterilized at a high temperature can no longer be used as a raw material.

If you get fresh milk from a dairy farmer, in addition to filtering and heating and disinfection, you must also inform the supplier in advance not to feed the cow too much water the day before milking, which will reduce the quality of milk.

In addition, you must persuade the supplier not to try to add by-products of cows to the milk. You are very savvy and will easily break through his tricks.

Disinfection In the manufacturing process, harmful microorganisms always appear in unexpected places.

Or when you mature the cheese, you will fail or breed harmful mold plaques (the cheese added with mold is not counted inside), and the contaminated cheese cannot be eaten. Therefore, the tools for making cheese must be disinfected to the best of their ability.

Since there are many bacteria in both hands and hot water is required during cheese making, it is recommended to wear sterile rubber gloves.

Do not underestimate temperature control. Many lactic acid bacteria necessary for cheese production have a corresponding temperature range. For example, Streptococcus thermophilus in cheese is a high-temperature fermentation strain. During the heating of milk, the subsequent fermentation temperature,There will be insufficient acid production. Although some cheeses do not need acid curd and curd enzyme directly, but the appropriate flavor has added a lot of meaning, which enriches the variety of cheese.

However, if the temperature is too high, the curd time will be prolonged and the cooking flavor will appear.

测量 Measure temperature with a thermometer from time to time.

⑵Do not heat the milk directly.

The application of a pH meter is a tool to determine the fermentation stage and to evaluate the degree of onset of lactic acid bacteria.

The starter and rennet enzyme are first “melted” and dissolved in a small amount of preheated milk.

The rennet needs to be dissolved and dissolved in pure water.