This is what she doesn’t want to do,The agency behind her won’t let her do it——Ok,I won’t let her who is right now do it。
The debut time is too short,There is not much record yet to convince advertisers,Not many endorsements can be received。
and,A newcomer like her,The economic contract signed is very demanding,The money earned can go to her,Only a small part。
Clothing accessories are personal items,I have to pay for it myself。
Red is red for more than half a year,Not performing here,Where the announcement,As busy as a robot,Made a lot of money for the company,As for the money I saved……
I want to cry when I think about that number。
No own house,I usually live in the company dormitory,Or staying in hotels everywhere。
When talking with Fang Hao,She secretly made up her mind:“I must work harder to make money in the future,Only in this way is qualified to live a happy life with this handsome little brother。”
Wu Xuan offered his hospitality to Hong Yan,While watching Fang Hao secretly。
I found that Qu Wan’er, who had worked with me, and Chi Jiao, the goddess for a while, were about to become Fang Hao’s licking dog,I feel very depressed。
He admits that Fang Hao is handsome,But he thinks he is handsome too,Although it is indeed a little bit worse,But that little difference,As for the exaggeration to this point??
and,Woman in the entertainment circle,Will become a licking dog because a man is handsome,This is too funny。
Isn’t it because a man is rich that he becomes a licking dog??
A little-known writer,What money can you have?
And listen to their conversation,This little writer still comes from the countryside,Family conditions are not good。
This confuses him even more——Is that guy really handsome??
The program group invited a total of eight guests,Now only six,Has been secretly divided into two areas。
On one side are Hong Yan and Wu Xuan。