One six zero、Beauty stalking
The cold and elegant goddess is sometimes jealous and worried,I said:“You look so beautiful,I’m afraid it’s the dream girl of a general practitioner, right?!There are more people admiring you than me,I am the one who is most worried about you being snatched away!”
Zhong Manxia pouted her cute little mouth and said:“I’ve been keeping simple for you,Don’t interact with other boys at all,And you are everywhere,How else did your Sister Fang meet?。”
I am dumbfounded and have a headache,In fact, Zhong Manxia cares most about Fang Xianjing,It seems that the two of them are born with different characters,And these two girls are my favorite people in my life,Don’t want to solve their jealousy.
One six one、It takes no effort
I returned to Yang County,Understand the situation,Wang Qiangdong will stare during the day,Wang Dong works very regularly these days,Stay in the county government most of the time,Many people follow occasionally when going out,So there is no useful information,Wang Yihu stared at the villa at night and there was nothing unusual,I thought about it,Even if Wang Dong and Xia Jinsong meet during the day, it is difficult for us to approach and hear useful information,Why don’t you try your luck with Wang Yihu at night。
Come back this time,Thanks to a helper secretly protecting Zhong Manxia,My mentality is also a lot easier。
I just followed Wang Yihu and found a place to camp on the hill behind the villa area,As long as Wang.
One six two、Destroy a drug manufacturing plant
Yan Fei’s work efficiency is quite high,probably40Minutes later,I saw a large area of police cars being pressed by Wu Ya coming over and stopping at the place we agreed to meet,They did not turn on the alarm bell“Woo woo!”Come here with great fanfare,But silently,This makes me relieved。
Yan Fei immediately got out of the car and came to me.:“Jiang Shao,Worked hard,Afraid of leaking news,The people at the Yang County Police Station didn’t notify me,All deployed police force from Lianshi,Also specially applied to the superiors for the support of the Lou City Anti-drug Squadron!”
I am satisfied:“Strict,Or you are meticulous,Then you arrange the anti-drug team to follow me,I.
One six three、Zhong Manxia with a broken heart
Xiao Nian Ye,Xia Jinsong has never been at home,At this time he is sitting in the Bauhinia Hotel in Lianshui, second only to Lianshui Hotel21Eating steaks and wine in the western restaurant on the floor,Sitting next to a handsome guy,At this moment, this handsome guy is paying attention to him like a pug。
Xia Jinsong looked at Zhong Zhigang’s face that was comfortable eating his sister’s soft meal,I feel disgust in my heart,A bad guy no matter how bad he is,I wouldn’t want to be friends with a villain,There is no doubt that Zhong Zhigang is a typical villain,For your own pleasure,I can sell my sister mercilessly。