What is the “super energy” of the Chinese women’s volleyball team when it comes to the achievement of the World Cup’s five crowns?
This is the tenth world champion of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Photo / Osports “Every game, our goal is to raise the national flag and play the national anthem!”Now, the words of Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping are realized again at the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup.With the last winning ball on the ground, the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated Serbia 3-0, winning the 2019 women’s volleyball World Cup championship one round ahead and successfully defending their title.The Chinese women’s volleyball team has thus become the unprecedented World Cup 5 champion, which is also the tenth world champion of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Lang Ping does not fight unprepared battle The victory of the Chinese women’s volleyball team can not do without the wisdom and hard work of head coach Lang Ping.This is the seventh time that Lang Ping participated in the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. The first time was in 1981. It was also that year. Lang Ping helped the Chinese women’s volleyball team to climb to the top of the world for the first time.Now, as a coach to lead the team to the World Cup again, Lang Ping is still fully prepared and not underestimated.This year, Lang Ping deployed the “three-step” strategy for the Chinese women’s volleyball team.The first is to use the World Women ‘s Volleyball League, the Swiss Women ‘s Volleyball Classic and the Asian Championships to continuously train troops; the second is to successfully obtain the Olympic Games participation right through the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualification; the third is the World Cup, Lang Ping strives to get the best record for the teamThe Tokyo Olympic Games laid a good psychological foundation and technical and tactical system.Faced with the biggest threat to the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the World Cup, Lang Ping had already prepared.This season, the Chinese team lost twice to their opponents in the World Women’s Volleyball League.At Jiangmen Station, Lang Ping did not let Yuan Xinyue start, did not use Li Yingying, Wang Mengjie did not enter the big list.After the finals, Lang Ping simply let the substitutes take the lead.This may be the intention of Lang Ping, she does not want to fully expose her strength in front of her old opponent.The American team that came to Japan this time was composed of the players from the team at Jiangmen Station. The Chinese women’s volleyball team has already thoroughly studied it.In this World Cup, the former Chinese women’s line leader Hui Ruoqi followed along.She said that the Chinese women’s volleyball team never fought unprepared.Before the World Cup, Lang Ping passed his main opponents one by one, and he will constantly update the opponent’s information in the competition, which gave the team a stable mental state in the competition.Hui Ruoqi is also outstanding, the Chinese team’s winning weapon-Lang Ping’s preemptive striker.”Lang Dao always reacts as soon as possible in the game, which is particularly important.In the game with the US team, the opposing coach Kilary was always half a beat slow, and Lang Dao always pointed out the problem at the first time, sometimes ahead of time, telling the players what would happen to the opponent and walking in front of the opponent.”After defeating Serbia in the 10th round of the World Cup, the Chinese women’s volleyball team made history, becoming the first five-time champion of the women’s volleyball world cup, and Lang Ping became a player. He was the first person in history to win the World Cup championship in his coaching career.The Chinese team’s winning weapon is Lang Ping’s preemptive move.Figure / Sports Zhu Tingcheng’s team plays multiple roles in this World Cup, and the Chinese women’s queuing team leader Zhu Ting has repeatedly contributed superstar performance.In addition to the second round of truce against Cameroon, which is weaker, Zhu Ting is also the team’s gathering in nine games, which is the core of the attack.In the battle against the United States, when Zhu Ting hit a straight line with a beautiful overhand, Lang Ping even gave a rare thumbs up.”Zhu Ting, as the captain, became a leader on the court.In the collective project of volleyball, she can convey the duties of the coach, thereby encouraging the role of teammates.”Lang Ping highly praised Zhu Ting and has been developing his leadership skills.In the ninth round match against the Netherlands, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was pulled back by the opponent, and then Zhu Ting smashed a three-pointer and moved to the back row to serve and stack.She said to her teammates: “All shout!”Zhu Ting motivates everyone in this way and at the same time mobilizes his own state.”In an effort to save the ball, Zhu Ting directly rolled to the referee’s seat, and even the camera did not capture the whole figure of Zhu Ting.Under her guidance, the Chinese women’s volleyball team resisted.Zhu Ting’s growing strength is also due to the increasingly mature Chinese women’s volleyball team.In the past few games, when Zhu Ting’s attack was blocked, Yuan Xinyue stepped forward; the second pass Ding Xia’s ball became more and more colorful, making Zhu Ting’s attack more smooth; Gong Xiangyu reduced Zhu Ting’s first pass and defensive pressure, for Zhu TingEscort . The team is multi-faceted, its own mistakes are reduced, the offensive speed is improved, coupled with strong cohesion, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has grown into one of the world’s top teams.After three years of studying abroad, Zhu Ting has already grown into the world’s recognized first main attack. The height advantage and changing technical characteristics frequently make opponents feel desperate.Captain America Larson once said that Zhu Ting is a great player. Brazil ‘s main force Gabi commented that Zhu Ting can change the results at many important moments. The FIVB praises “Zhu Ting everywhere”.During the World Cup, the Italian media issued a document saying that Zhu Ting’s joining Tianjin is almost a foregone conclusion, waiting for the official announcement.As the volleyball team’s signings are nearing completion, this suspense will soon be revealed.As if the real media said, Zhu Ting will continue to play side by side with the national teammate Li Yingying, which may also be Lang Ping’s strategic layout in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.Zhu Ting is the leader of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Figure / Sports Women’s Volleyball Spirit is a bite to fight in the end Lang Ping once said: “In the process of realizing your dream, you will encounter many difficulties, and you should carry forward the spirit of never giving up to defeat it.”It’s the core of the women’s volleyball team to grind their teeth and fight to the end.”This World Cup has faced many challenges since the Chinese women’s volleyball team arrived in Yokohama, Japan on September 10.Since the organizer only arranges training venues for the teams from the 13th, the Chinese women’s volleyball team can only rent venues for the two days of training on the 11th and 12th.On the first day, the Chinese women’s volleyball team did not have air conditioning in the training venue. The sultry weather brought the temperature to 37 degrees Celsius. Both Lang Ping and the coaching staff used the mop to wipe off the sweat that the players fell on the floor.The next day, the Chinese women’s volleyball team came to a small gymnasium in a community for training. Next to the venue were local people playing badminton.Even under such conditions, the Chinese women’s volleyball team practiced meticulously for four hours per class in the first two days.In terms of schedule, the Chinese women’s volleyball team needs to break the team’s work and rest habits.Except for a match with the host Japanese women’s volleyball team, which is scheduled for prime time after dinner, all matches are scheduled to be held at 14:00 Beijing time, and another match is scheduled to start at 11:30.In addition, the new game ball used in this World Cup is also 1 mm smaller than the old ball.No matter how hard it is, the Chinese women ‘s volleyball team will fight to the end, winning 10 consecutive victories in the World Cup, reversing Brazil 3-2, winning the United States 3-0, winning the Netherlands 3-1 . After winning the United States, Zhu Ting in the interviewSaid: “The spirit of the women’s volleyball team was not shouted out, or it was spelled out one by one, and it was played in one game.”The American women’s volleyball coach Killary also admitted that this is a beautiful team victory. He also believes that the Chinese women’s volleyball team will be one of the strong contenders for the Tokyo Olympics.”The Chinese women’s volleyball team has such a super energy. This energy has multiple sports, and it has also won two times, but it is a kind of vitality.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Xihuang