why,Obviously when achieving your goal,The joy that flashes in my heart does not seem to be fake……
But now,But it seems to have lost all meaning……
What am i,Where……Something went wrong?
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Wuhun Hall,No waste!(Subscribe)
In the dense forest near the Tiandou Empire……
Except for the sect disciples who own the Clear Sky School,Also gathered the sea spirit masters from Sea God Island!
And at the moment,The elder of the Clear Sky School、Sect Master, the Shrek Seven Devils and the others are all sitting together with solemn faces!
Everyone has a heavy problem in their heart,Heaven Dou Empire renamed Wuhun Empire,With the help of the huge soul master in Wuhun Hall,Successfully destroy the Star Luo Empire!
Tang Chen, who has re-incorporated the Sect Master of Haotian Sect, took the lead“Wuhundian’s movements are so fast,Successfully unified the mainland!”
The elder Haotianzong nodded,Sullenly“Yes,With the current strength of Wuhun Temple,It’s easy to suppress the soul masters and people who resist the merger.”
Another Clear Sky School elder gritted his teeth and said“I’m afraid this time,The future situation of the mainland will be an unchangeable road!”
Miss them dignified Haotianzong,Someday you will be forced to live in this virgin forest!
It’s a blatant insult!
Everyone in Shrek looked at each other,There is a look of dissatisfaction in the eyes……
They don’t want to live in this continent ruled by Wuhun Temple.!
Ma Hongjun touched the phoenix mark on his forehead,Can’t help but clenched his fists,Angrily“If you can give us some more time,I’ll be able to fight back the Wuhun Palace!”