Three diamonds,A platinum,This is his confidence in the new season。
Time just arrived at night7Half past hour,on siteDJThe high-pitched voice spread to every corner of the scene。
“welcome!welcome everybody!here is2016-2017Season,NBALos Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Mosaic in the regular season!”
“The players have lined up in the player channel!Now let us use the warmest applause,The craziest cheers to greet the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming game!!!——”
The high-pitched voice made the whole stadium boil。
Countless fans are happy。
In fierce cheers,Players began to walk out of the tunnel wearing purple and gold jerseys,This almost ignited the scene。
In the cheers of the audience,The Lakers players played one by one。
Xu Xuan is the finale,But the leader is Ci Shiping。
This guy is a bit speechless,In the team,In addition to serving Xu Xuan,No one else hangs。
A proper thorn head。
But because of Xu Xuan,He still respects Frank,Frank is also happy to show his face,First appearance in the first game of the regular season。