Luo Yu must know something。
“Luo Yu,Ji Xiaochuan and I are here now,Where are you now?”
Su Jingchen and Luo Yu got in touch again in the car,Luo Yu just said:“Come to my house”Then hung up。
Although I haven’t met yet,But Su Jingchen felt that Luo Yu seemed unspeakable。
“He seems hesitant,What is he worried about?”Su Jingchen asked。
Ji Xiaochuan Answer:“Let’s talk after you meet。”
Half an hour,Su Jingchen and Ji Xiaochuan rang live in31Luo Yu’s home。
Luo Yu himself opened the door,He looks a little tired,Look bad。
“Are you alright bro?”Su Jingchen asked with concern。
“I’m fine。”
Luo Yu greeted them and sat down in the living room。
This living room is very big,Renovated splendidly,It matches Luo Yu’s high-paid occupation。
“You said on the phone that you have information for me,What is it?”Su Jingchen and Luo Yu also don’t treat each other,Straight to the point。
Unexpectedly, Luo Yu suddenly changed his mind:“You got it wrong,I have no information for you。”
Su Jingchen and Ji Xiaochuan are shocked……
Some awkward atmosphere floats in the air。
“Uh uh”Su Jingchen made two sounds from his nose,Cleared his throat,Want to break the awkward atmosphere。