This card was given to Li Chenming after taking pictures that day,Said it was a black gold VIP card specially customized by his restaurant,Card consumption,Free of charge。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t want to,But Li Chenming insisted on giving,Said it as thanking Mo Xiaosheng for his care of his father,After all, Mo Xiaosheng didn’t ask for a penny of consultation fees.。
The restaurant manager’s face changed suddenly after seeing this card,I came out with a cold sweat。
Li Chenming gave him a special order,See Karu and Li Chenming himself,Anyone who holds this card,Are Li Chenming’s top guests。
Some customers have come with this black gold card before,But either it’s a celebrity,Either an international person,The restaurant manager never expected that a shameless young man like Mo Xiaosheng would even hold their boss’ VIP card.。
If Li Chenming knew that he had offended such a VIP,Then he doesn’t have to do it,Just roll it up。
The restaurant manager shivered,Hurry up and say,Voice trembling slightly,“first……Mr,I’m really sorry,I don’t know Taishan,please forgive,We will wipe and disinfect this seat right away,Easy for you to sit。”
“what did you say?”Heard from the restaurant manager,Master Qi’s face changed instantly,Sternly:“You forgot how Lao Tzu supported your performance?”
He didn’t understand why Mo Xiaosheng took out a broken card,The restaurant manager’s attitude suddenly turned 180 degrees.。
“Qi Dashao,If you want,I’ll change your seat,If you don’t want to,I’m sorry,Invite you out,Don’t disturb our VIP dining!”
The restaurant manager’s face changed,Master Qi said coldly。
His voice fell off,Two security guards in black suits greeted him immediately,Very oppressive。
Master Qi didn’t dare to attack,Pursed his mouth and blushed。
He just soaked a college flower these days,The school flower wants to show off today for her birthday,I didn’t expect to run into Mo Xiaosheng,Show off,But wiped his face gray。
He has a lot of plans today,I count on these plans to move the school flowers,Then go out to open a house,If you just leave,Then everything will fall apart,So he can only swallow for a while。