[Loofah wrinkle removal]_ loofah _ think _ benefits

Loofah is the most common fruit and vegetable. It generally grows in spring and is ripe for picking in summer. It has high nutritional value and replaces iron. It is one of the best ingredients to supplement trace elements in the body.For skin care, for example, loofah can be used to remove wrinkles. Let ‘s take a look at the effect of loofah.

What effect does it have?

1. As a medicinal material, loofah water can promote metabolism, gently absorb old waste keratin, remove deep dirt, and inhibit melanin cell formation. It can effectively improve rough and wrinkled skin, restore skin to tenderness and smoothness, and make skin texture soft and brightZe.

Anti-inflammatory: As a medicinal material, loofah water has the effect of promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and moisturizing. Frequent use can effectively eliminate blackheads and acne on the facial skin.

2, shrink pore loofah water-based sweet, gentle, can regulate facial sebum secretion, has a refreshing, astringent, calming, and balanced function on the skin.

3. Moisturizing and whitening loofah water is rich in a lot of natural moisturizing factors. The non-sticky moisturizing ingredients can effectively soothe, tighten and dry the skin, keep the facial skin moist, elastic, beautiful, ruddy, clean and fair.

4. Hydrating loofah water contains sugars, plant mucus, vitamins, and minerals, which can maintain the normal volume of the stratum corneum, slow down dehydration and prolong hydration, and can replenish the skin’s necessary moisture, keeping the skin supple and delicate.

How to use: 1. If there are acne or acne on the face, take 3-5 ml of loofah water and apply directly to the affected area.

2. Spray directly on the face and pat the face so that the loofah water is evenly absorbed.

3. Use in combination with loofah dough, add 5-10 ml of loofah water to the loofah dough.

Gently massage on the face for 5 minutes to evenly soak the loofah water into the skin.

4. Make a loofah water mask, take 3-5 ml of loofah water to dip the mask paper, and then cover the entire face with the mask.