From a college hero costume design show to see the “breaking circle” of the e-sports industry
College students show their heroic clothes.Photo courtesy of the competition side On December 8, the eighth League of Legends National League League Beijing Garment Academy Station ended. The Geely University team defeated the Beijing Garment Academy team 2-0 and successfully advanced to the regional competition.The competition was co-sponsored by the Tencent League of Legends project team, Beijing Fashion Academy, Beijing Haidian Cultural Tourism Group, and the Beijing Electronic Sports Association as a co-organizer.This college competition is also combined with the college student hero costume design exhibition, which provides more new possibilities for e-sports ecology.College competition audiences have a wide range of opportunities to play professional Chinese teams and win the League of Legends World Championship twice. It also brings enthusiasm for e-sports to many young people, especially college students., Feel the e-sports competition.”The members of the Beijing Garment Academy team were still excited after the game. Although they lost the game, it was not very difficult.”This result is normal, I am good at making clothes, not e-sports.Just experience it.”They won their Geely University team and finished runner-up in the National College League last year.They told the sauna and Yewang that now the college competition has become more and more large-scale. “After last year’s quarterfinals, the referees and commentaries were all in the professional league, and the venue scale was also the standard of the professional league.”Team leader Liu Hanxing said.However, due to the low registration requirements of college games, the team levels are different, and there is still a certain gap with the first league of the professional league system.In this regard, the Geely University team will also engage in training sessions with some teams. They generally train for the city team and the middle and lower teams of the First Division.”In the beginning, I couldn’t beat it at all. Later, I slowly achieved a score of five or five or four or six.”Liu Hanxing said.Although college competitions are not directly connected to the professional e-sports system, they still have the opportunity to become professional players.Yan Junze (ID: Letme) of the Air Force RNG team was discovered in the college game.The club will also pay attention to the group of college students. Chen Junchao in the Geely University team has been invited by some clubs for trial training.”Age and strength are still part of the team ‘s consideration. Most college students are around 20 years old.If you want to hit LPL, college students are still older.Chen Junchao said that he would not give up. “You have been young for a few years. If you didn’t try, you would never have a chance.””Game character costume design has a very large creative space.The game party provided a picture of the IP cross-circle play. The new direction of the development of peripheral e-sports. Although the League of Legends Global Finals is far away in Europe, it is catching up with the domestic shopping festival, but it has not stopped the competition.According to the “League of Legends” S9 watch report, during the Chinese S9 World Championship, a total of 36.4 billion topic readings and 85.16 million event discussions were generated.In terms of live broadcasting, watch the data gradually 1.300 million, the highest data in a single field is 25.92 million.Now “League of Legends” has become a popular big IP.During S9, League of Legends also collaborated with international luxury brands and created a summoner trophy box.Two customized skins for real damage members Chiana and Senna were also designed.In early December, social networking sites announced some limited League of Legends surroundings, including Chiana’s luxury custom keychain price of 515 US dollars (about 3622 yuan).Today, the League of Legends is no longer a pure game industry, and the surrounding cooperation methods are becoming more and more diverse.Players who participated in the hero costume design won the prize.New ideas for student employment in the virtual costume design competition provided by the competition side. The League of Legends University College also has special features. Before the start of the competition, the students of the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology held a hero costume design exhibition, which was well received.The head of the League of Legends College Tournament said, “The combination of college tournaments and college student apparel design is to create more extensive e-sports new cultural and creative events, and to create an open, collaborative and innovativeCompeting with a new ecosystem, creating a green and healthy e-sports ecosystem in a diversified form.”The attempt to combine the hero costume design exhibition with the competition is not only a” breaking circle “of the League of Legends, but also gives students of traditional costume majors the opportunity to practice and explore.”Now the apparel industry is very saturated and there are fewer and fewer job opportunities for graduates.Huang Xiaoyu, who won the Best Fashion Design Award on the occasion of graduation, said that her major is the inheritance direction of fashion design, learning some intangible heritage skills, and the future employment direction is Gaoding Studio and Design Studio., But Huang Xiaoyu said the job was hard to find.The design of this competition must meet the character set of the game, and more is to meet this standard of surrounding clothing.Today, most of the merchandise around the official League of Legends store is hand-made and dolls, and the clothing still stays on the standard of the same team uniforms and cultural shirts.As a big IP, the audience is the current young people, and the periphery of clothing will also be a new direction of expansion.”How to turn the hero skin of the game into a daily dress for the masses will be the direction of future development.”With this design, Huang Xiaoyu is more optimistic about the e-sports industry and wants to find work in the direction of clothing design around e-sports.”Traditional costume design is still developing, but game character costumes, including peripheral designs, are created, giving designers a lot of space.”There is still a big gap between design talent around the game.Competitors provide maps for the e-sports talent gap system cultivation and fill in the blanks. In January 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security listed e-sports operators and e-sportsmen as new occupations.According to the data released by the 2019 Global E-sports Conference, the actual sales revenue of the e-sports market in the first half of 2019 was 513.200 million yuan, more than 440,000 e-sports practitioners.Under the data, it is the reality that the hypertensive e-sports talent gap reaches 1 million.Nowadays, the e-sports industry has changed its competition system and continuously improved it. From city competitions and college competitions to the first league and professional leagues, the club gradually has a talent training system.The second team conducts training and eventually has the opportunity to become a professional league player.Although the improvement of the system and the expansion of the talent pool have become increasingly difficult for LPL professional players, the more talent gap is in the operation management of the tournament, club operation management, athlete health management and e-sports surroundings.At present, Communication University of China, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, Macau University of Science and Technology, etc. have successively started to train e-sports related talents, combining interest and professionalism to attract a gap in the e-sports talent market.In September of this year, the Beijing Fashion Institute also established a digital fashion design major, gradually cultivating a series of traditional clothing design ideas into games, virtual character skin design and peripheral clothing design talents.According to the “2019 E-sports Industry White Paper”, the scale of China’s e-sports and surrounding markets will exceed US $ 400 billion in 2023, and the talent gap will be further enlarged.How to make the e-sports plate bigger and better, professional training will be the top priority.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Shujun editor Wang Xihuang