“Qing Yu Nian” was broadcasted at zero time
“Ying Yu Nian” suddenly announced on November 26 that night, but it is not the only costume drama that recently launched on the line.On November 11, “There Was a Spirit Sword Mountain” was announced on the 12th.The costume drama broadcasts “difficult” and has never stopped in the market; in the fall of 2019, the realism dominates the screen, and the costume has become extinct for almost a hundred days.The broadcast of “Qing Yu Nian” seems to bring hope of broadcasting to the temporary platform for hoarding goods.The time difference between the production and broadcast of costume dramas Before the autumn file, the costume dramas accelerated to close in August 2019. The TV Drama Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television began issuing notices to deploy the “100 Days of Excellent TV Dramas”.It is reported that the show was launched on August 25, and 86 shows were selected for the show to be purchased and broadcast by a total of TV stations nationwide since August.In addition, the notice requires a total of TV stations nationwide to strictly control the selection of scripts, content, and broadcasting. During the show, entertainment dramas and idols must not be broadcast, to ensure the coordination of the broadcast and the overall integration of the promotion period.In the process, each David saw a positive response, and realist tribute scripts such as “In the Distance”, “Glorious Times” and “Diplomatic Situation” successively landed in the autumn file.According to Sauna and Yeewang observations, since August, including all platforms built into the video site, the screening of costume scripts has indeed been suspended.”Zhen Xiyuan” starring Zhang Ni and Ni Ni ended in Iqiyi on August 16th; after several schedules, the retired “Kyushu Linglulu” was broadcast on Youku on July 16th and Tencent video was broadcast on August 27thOfficially closed.Lei Jiayin, the well-known work “Twelve Hours of Chang’an” starring Yi Xian Qianxi was originally scheduled to end at the end of August, but it will replace the updated 6 episodes from the previous weekly update 4 episodes on July 15thUsher in the finale ahead of time.The costume drama regained momentum, but if it was announced that the low-key start of the “Hundred Days Broadcasting” started on August 25, the event is expected to end around December 3.Since then, costume dramas, idol dramas are expected to return to the public’s vision one after another.Unlike TV stations that focus on reality, as early as the end of October, some of the costume dramas began to be “tested” on the video website. Most of them chose works with better word-of-mouth expectations or simple plots that broadcast risky costs.Among them, the “Imitation Song Opera” “Herring Huating” starring Luo Jin and Li Yitong, with solid characters and stories, whose costumes and artistic styles deeply reflect the beauty of Song Chao; and “Love in Rivers and Lakes””Mountain” Although the story incorporates entertainment elements such as gameplay, vomiting and sugar, and the style is more net-like, but the production volume is not large, the storyline is simple but it can also meet the aesthetic needs of young people.From the point of view of the broadcast effect, the costume drama has a good popularity, of which “Herring Huating” has nearly 1.Score of 50,000, quite 7.5; The reading volume of Weibo topics in “There Was a Spirit Sword Mountain” was as high as 30.3 billion.The costume scripts have been “released” by the platform one after another, does it mean that the costume scripts “revived”?In this way, a TV broadcaster does not think so.She said that at present, the script founder or platform is still very cautious and low-key in the promotion of costume scripts; and the time for such works to be archived is also “very variable”. “When we can broadcast, we are still waiting for notice.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofread Zhao Lin