JR self-exposure this summer, or will jump out of the contract finals miss the Cavaliers?
On June 18th, Beijing time, according to ESPN reports, the Cavaliers lost in the finals just ended, and players need to start thinking about their future.JR-Smith disclosed in an interview with reporters that he may choose to jump out of the last year’s contract in the summer.After the finals are missed, will the Cavaliers choose to leave JR?  JR-Smith told me after the game that he might choose to jump out of next year’s contract.Reporter Chris Brussard reported.JR’s contract leaves the player option for the final year of next year, worth about $6.4 million.  In this year’s playoffs, JR averaged 31 per game.2 minutes, you can get 12.8 points 4.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists.In the absence of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, he undoubtedly became the second offensive point for the Cavaliers outside.  However, in the finals, JR’s feel plummeted, although he could contribute an average of 2 per game.Five three-pointers, but need 8.In 5 attempts, the shooting rate was only 29.4%. In the crucial fourth game, he missed 8 of his 3-pointers.After 6 games in the finals, the positive and negative values of JR in each game are negative. Among them, the positive and negative values of the fourth game are as bad as -28.  Although JR had clearly expressed his wish to stay in the Cavaliers in the Air Force, after the finals, his excessive performance may not allow him to take the initiative in the contract renewal negotiations with the Cavaliers.The loss to the Warriors highlights the lack of firepower on the Cavaliers’ bench, but if the right to fire on the bench should be given to a nerve knife that doesn’t work, the Cavaliers’ seniors really need to think carefully.(Big speakers)