Peng Changyi said:“Old man,What’s wrong with you?You don’t need to be admitted to the hospital even if you want me to see you?I’m here after you squeak。”
Old Qie sat up slowly,I can’t help laughing when I hear him say this,Said:“Xiao Peng,I understand,You are my pistachio,I knew I was so happy to meet you,I called you long ago。”
Peng Changyi is upset,Said:“What is to know early?Are you unhappy to see me in spring?”
Old Qie’s tone sank,Said:“happy,Happy。”
Peng Changyi sit down,Said:“It’s over?Old man,I think you look and feel good,If it doesn’t matter,Don’t stay in the hospital,Come back to Sanyuan with me,Breathe fresh air,Let Dali and Erya give you some food,I promise you will get better soon。”
“Ugh,Really want to eat,There are also sesame seeds wrapped in meat on the opposite side of the Da Li Blacksmith Shop。”Old man finished,Coughed a few times。
Peng Changyi quickly brought him the cup,He took a sip of water,Said:“Xiao Peng,What’s the situation of your three sources?”
Peng Changyi deliberately avoided the importance and said lightly:“The museum is about to enter the later stage of renovation,Winter exhibition,Open to the public in spring,I think,When it starts,Please cut the ribbon,The overall red tourism work is progressing well,recent,I took my secretary to the Tourism Bureau,Is the deputy director,He himself learns to travel,The staff of the Tourism Bureau has been weak,So much work this year,According to them,This year’s workload is equivalent to the sum of their past ten years。”
Xi Lao listened carefully,Said:“Yes,If not,Lie on the credit,Let alone ten years,It takes twenty years。”
Peng Changyi clearly heard the overtones of Xie Lao,Just said:“Yes,You are so right。In addition,In order to lay the foundation for next year’s work,We have a lot of road construction projects this year,There are actions in both villages and villages。The workload this year is indeed huge,I got busy all of a sudden,Many basic cadres and even the leaders of the county are somewhat adapted。”
Old Qie said:“If you can’t adapt, you have to adapt,Change people without changing your mind,You’re welcome。”
“Ha ha,You are so right,That’s what I told everyone,I said I won’t work in Sanyuan for a lifetime,When i go,I can’t take away the plants and trees of Sanyuan,museum、highway,I can’t take anything,but,But you can enjoy these benefits,Your children and grandchildren can enjoy,You have no more reason not to do it than me。Ha ha,I’m rather rough to talk,Do not do well-inspired political and ideological work,Or don’t say,Just say it in one step,What i think,Just say,Everyone thinks I am speaking,direct,and so,Most of the time you can still hear it。”Peng Changyi said modestly。
Qie Lao said:“The real words are often better than those in Mandarin、It’s more touching。Xiao Peng,Don’t learn those messy things,These few days,to be honest,I also reflect often,Reflect on what I did to Sanyuan?Was it a waste of help or a way?Do you help the bad guys or am I a bad guy??”
Peng Changyi surprised,He didn’t expect the old man would say such things,Just said quickly:“Qilao,Of course you have done a lot of useful things for the people of Sanyuan,These ones,Sanyuan people know in their hearts……”
Old Qie waved his hand,Interrupted him,Say:“Xiao Peng,What you said was right when you walked in just now,I do not have a serious illness,The reason for hiding in the hospital,One is quiet,Good for my introspection here,I also avoid those who come to me to intercede。You mentioned Dali and Erya just now,I often think about these two people recently,Miss my master,Noble,I feel I am less than one tenth of them。Master knows that I am in Beijing,But just don’t come to me,Even told his descendants not to come to me,I think now,Master is the one who understands。He blames me on the surface,Actually see through a lot of things。Da Li and Er Ya must also think of this layer,Even if I go to Sanyuan, they won’t show up,Refused to come to me for my son,Judging from the lessons of Wu Youfu and the Ge brothers,They are so wise,Done too right。I think I’m more knowledgeable and better than Dali and Yaya,Some things are not as well understood by them,And the one who understands most is my dead master……”