More than just commentary,Even the Pistons fans at the scene said they don’t seem to understand.
In their impression,Xu Xuan is the one from last season“Five kills”Up their“Killing God Xu Xuan”(Knicks once,Pacers four times),This suddenly changed the style of painting.
The heart can’t accept it!
But the truth is so,I can’t help but they don’t believe it。
Xu Xuan is too selfless to play now!
Selfless are a little untrue!
“I don’t know if Coach Frank will do psychological work for Xu Xuan during the intermission.”Ke Fan’s voice was worried:“Can’t fight like this!”
Patronizing passing assists can easily become a tool man.They don’t want Xu Xuan to become a tool man.
Halftime,Xu Xuan’s assists have arrived8Times!
But the score is only6Minute,Not in double。
“Continue in the second half?”
“Of course continue!”
In the locker room of the Pistons,Andre·Drummond excitedly slapped Ilyasova。
Thanks to the crazy passing of Xu Xuan from the Pacers,Tucker and others are crazy.He came down this half,Already grabbed11Rebounds!
For a rebounding machine like him,There is really nothing better than this.
“Humph,A bunch of mindless things,I thought I would win this way?What a joke!What’s the point of the score fed like this。”
Ilyasova sneered inwardly。