First0213Chapter I am a doctor
Fortunately, the plane crashed several hundred meters and then stopped,But the body swayed violently from side to side,The luggage compartment popped open suddenly,The luggage inside fell out all over the place。
There were a few exclamations in the cabin,Many passengers were hit by suitcases,The head was smashed。
A suitcase that fell out of Mo Xiaosheng’s head hits a child on the other side of the aisle,Fortunately, Mo Xiaosheng’s hands are quick and quick,Grabbed the suitcase back in the air。
This state lasted more than ten seconds,The aircraft body stabilized,at the same time,The black clouds outside the window are no longer visible,Replaced by a layer of white clouds,Apparently flying out of the airflow zone,There was a burst of cheers in the cabin。
Then there was an announcement from the plane that it had passed through the air layer,Remind everyone of the flight time to Beijing,It may be dozens of minutes later than the scheduled time。
Then the stewardess hurried over,While picking up luggage on the ground,Watching the passengers around,Anxious:“Is there a doctor among the passengers??”
“I’m!”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly stood up,But he was the only one to stand up。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced diagonally in front of the one wearing rimless glasses,A man in a dark blue plaid suit,Can’t help but wonder,Because when he first got on the plane, he saw this man read a professional western medicine book,I thought he was also a doctor。
“Mr,What do you call。”The stewardess asked Mo Xiaosheng politely,Then took out the first aid kit that was on the plane。
“My last name is Mo。”Mo Xiaosheng quickly responded,Take the first aid kit。
“Doctor Mo,Trouble you。”Stewardess pinched her hands in front of her abdomen,Bowed to Mo Xiaosheng。
“May I ask which other passenger is a doctor,Can you help Dr. Mo??”
The stewardess saw many injured,Hurriedly asked again,But no one answered her,It seems that there are no other doctors on the plane。
“It’s ok,I can do it alone。”Mo Xiaosheng signaled that she was okay,Can do it alone。