“I just haha,I always come over without opening my eyes.”
Tang Chen pushed the car door and walked down,Behind her were Louise and Xiao Wu with unhappy faces。
Was interrupted to eat,The anger of the two ladies has exploded。
“Yo,With two girls,Someone on Huangquan Road,You don’t lose!”
Wilson said weirdly,Then waved his teammates to surround the target。
Coming with a murderous heart this time,So all martial arts are turned on。
Yellow halo shines in the forest,It turned out to be 100th grade。
The first spirit ring is a hundred years,Either have family support or study in college,It’s not like a robbery bandit at all。
Tang Chen was puzzled,When did you provoke these young people?
Look like little geniuses,Currently he has only killed in the Hunting Forest。
If it’s the people who came there to get revenge,Should still know his strength。
Just a twentieth level great soul master,Dare to come and die?
“Wait a moment,Seeing that your posture is already in your hands!”
“In that case,You should not declare your home,So that I can understand?”
Tang Chen dulled his ears,I really can’t afford the least desire to fight。
But for their goal,Very interested。
“This kid is so familiar,Then meet your requirements。”
Wilson doesn’t want to talk nonsense,But Luke next to him is very proud,Began to leak all kinds of information。
Roughly means,The door boy killed by Tang Chen has a background,Is their boss’s cousin。